Friday, April 8, 2011


Tools are Jewels in this business. And we have an abundance of them with Voyager Health Technologies and your upline team! Gone are the days of having to write a team newsletter and mail it out, or ziplock bag-up a few samples to send someone and have them arrive all smashed. (Been there, done that.) Using the tools to tell the story, explain the product, introduce your upline team, hear calls that you missed, be reminded of upcoming events, talking to your sponsor and upline leader all at the same time, conference calling with your team, Skype-ing In-Home meetings with your upline or sponsor, or both. And the list goes on and on!

Use the tools we have everyday, all day, constantly, consistently with a big smile on your face. Let the Tools Talk! All you need do is stock up on V3 samples, memorize that One Minute Message, make your list of Prospects, put together that Biz Binder for follow-up, and then start cookin', letting your tools do the talkin' about this fabulous biz!

I've been in this amazing Network Marketing business for long enough to not only appreciate the incredible tools we have at our fingertips, but love using every single one of them - everyday. They are off-the-charts! The "good 'ole days" was so labor intensive. Only those of us born with that "gift of gab" (my mom used to call it), could make it in this business. That's no longer the case, my friends. Because of these tools, everyone can have success with building a business right from home - in your pj's - around the kitchen table - it doesn't really matter where you build it, just use the tools and watch your business grow. Just make sure to teach your team to do exactly what you do - letting the tools do the heavy lifting.

OK, examples ... as you start making contact with everyone you know, just follow the 4-Step System. Each step has a tool to use to further the process of sponsoring along. Deliver your One Minute Message ...(then say ... "Watch this!") 90-Second Commercial ... (then say..."Very cool huh? Listen to this!" ) ... Hotline (949) 266-5837 ... (then say..."Now you can see why I'm so excited!") ... Website (then say... "Check this out, kick the tires & I'll call you back in 30 minutes")... Sample (then say .,.. "Here's a sample of this amazing product. You are going to love it!") ... 3-Way Call (say... "I've been telling my friend all about you and she wants to say hi. She has had awesome results with the product and is making money!") ... Thursday 18 Minute Biz Briefing call (say..."I'm going to have you listen with me to more amazing success stories. You won't believe it!") Professional Pak with FREE product! (say..."let's get your Professional Pak ordered and get you making money quickly!) (say..."Go to our team support site and listen to the four ten-minute trainings.")

Get the picture? These tools make what we do so easy and fun! Challenge yourself to say less to more people by using these incredible, revolutionary, state-of-the-art, cutting-edge tools. See how many of the tools you can use in a day with both your team and your Prospects. You could honestly be losing your voice, or have lost it - and still be able to build this business just by sharing a few of the tools. Tools help you to (here comes my crazy 8's) communicate, update, motivate, congratulate, initiate, evaluate, participate, and anticipate with this exciting business. Tools speed up your success. Using the tools duplicates. Your team will follow your lead. You use the tools, teach the advantages with using the tools, and the results will manifest in a very big way for you. The TOOLS are JEWELS. Tools assist with presentation. Tools optimize communication. Tools help with motivation - both for yourself and your team.

Bottom-line, the tools are there to assist you with building, maintaining and sustaining your business long term. If you want to grow your business and maximize your earning potential, you'll treasure these tools and use them with every aspect of your business building. Today is the day to be smart and business savvy by embracing these jewels, and letting the tools talk!

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