Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"When in Doubt...Diet!"
I really don't remember where I heard that phrase, or if I just made it up, but I love it, because over the past 40 years of Network Marketing involvement, we have always seen our biggest monthly bonus checks come when we had a simple diet as the lead product to share and sponsor with. Nothing complicated or hard to explain. Just a simple product that people felt, saw fast results, and lost weight. Simple was and is always key.

We've played a bit with the "jungle juices", and actually had pretty good results, whether the juice was touting the benefits of one superfruit, or a combination of all known superfruits, and we may still drink the juices. But building a huge business just wasn't giving us the financial results we had always seen with a simple, hot diet product. When a diet works, it has sizzle! And our teams of distributors make money. That's the bottom line for us. Our people make money, lose weight and have fun.

Keeping it fun and simple at the grassroots is what this business is should be about. A homemaker has to be able to share quickly what it is she has to offer from the back of her minivan while she's watching her kids play baseball. It has to almost be a "smile - sample - sponsor" product. In fact, the distributor's weight loss itself is a natural (organic) "billboard" for anyone involved with the diet business. The phrase, "I'm losing weight, having fun & making money!" keeps it simple.

What we've got here is a serious situation with obesity running rampant in this country, and at the same time with our new Voyager V3 diet pill, we have the opportunity to be a simple solution to an out-of-control problem. Diets are everywhere you look, but people need more than just a diet plan or program to follow. They need a tool that helps them handle the three most common saboteurs with dieting - mood, energy and appetite. When you feel happy, have energy, and have no desire to eat, guest what? You lose weight! You even start moving more and eating less. And that is the perfect scenario for all us.

So, have fun, lose weight, and make money - but at the same time, share what you've got ... seriously. Work hard. Work focused. Talk to everyone. Tune in and listen to the testimonials. Share what you hear. Write your goals. Follow the 4-Step System. Work the plan. Know that you can make a huge difference in this country - eventually the world with this incredible business - product and opportunity. We're all about hope and possibility, and that in itself is a HOME RUN!!!

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