Monday, April 25, 2011

Sharing the Dream!

That's what we're talking about (all month with the Saturday Success Strategy trainings at 7am PST)!  Pictured (above) are Robert Gutman and Gretchen Connor-Gutman sharing the dream, building the team and literally taking the products to the people.  I love it, and I love their new table cloth!  Very snazzy guys :-)  V3 can pack up and go anywhere.  The home meetings for you and your team, Pill Parties, salon waiting areas, libraries, senior centers, YMCA rooms, coffee shops, fitness club demo's, condominium or planned community club houses, backyard get-together's, block parties , Biz Barbeque's, --- or, as pictured, a school Health Fair!  It's a "have product will travel" business.  Take the products to the people and share the dream!

Know this deep within your soul.  Everyone needs what you have with Voyager Health Technologies.  Everyone.  Your job?  Give them what they want.  Give them hope and possibility, starting with V3.  Take the products to the people.  Get eyeball to eyeball with everyone on the planet - starting with those that live locally in your backyard.  Launch yourself with an official Launch Party!  Do this with your sponsor.  Do this for six weeks and see how things start to happen around you.  Re-launch often to keep your business exciting, festive, fresh and fun!  Create momentum by personally finding new people every month to sponsor.

These are the facts.  The people who need what you have - especially the V3 for mood, energy and appetite -  aren't always the people going to the gym and spa everyday working out.  They are often found sitting at home, watching the Food Network or Cooking channel, feeling a bit out of control, depressed, and maybe a little hopeless.  (That sounds like me before V3.)  And if a kind, friendly neighbor or family member hosts a home meeting or Pill Party, and invites them to attend, guess what?  They will go, maybe in their worn out sweat pants, as a favor to that friend or family member.  And that's awesome!  There they will learn about V3 and Voyager Health Technologies.  They probably didn't even know such a phenomenal product was even available to them!  (We're still the world's best kept diet secret.) They hear the success stories.  They listen to the Blitz Call as it is speaker-phoned into the party or meeting.  (Blitz nightly calls start May 2, 2011!)  They get excited.  They buy the product, lose weight and start sharing their excitement with their friends and family.  This happens organically at first - but then "intentionally" as they transform into an excited business builder for your team.  That's where it starts.  And that is when the fun begins!

Can you tell that I'm excited about taking the products to the people?  Well, make sure to hop on with every Saturday morning training call - called Success Strategies at 7am PST (yikes) by calling (213) 289-0500 code 303063#.  These calls explore meetings from all angles - in all forms and venues.  I teach you how to invite, what to say, how to effectively create the magic that meetings can bring to your business.  Whether it's a face-to-face appointment, a small intimate in-home, Open House or large group meeting, the outline is the same, and I teach you to grow your meetings by taking the product to the people.  Learn to earn with meetings.  Catch the vision and take the products to the people ...literally!  They want what you have.  Give it to them today.  Share the Dream.  Build the Team.  Love it ... Share it!

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