Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If I Had Only Known...!!!

If I had only known how valuable this original Barbie doll was when I received it in 1959 for Christmas, I wouldn't have washed it's hair! If I had only known that it currently eBay's to collectors for over $1,500.00, I would have had my mom purchase 100 of these dolls, made sure that they were never taken out of their boxes, wrapped those boxed dolls (wearing gloves) with clear plastic wrap or tissue paper, then stored them in a closet where no sunlight could effect their value. If I had only known what they would be worth today - 52 years later! Let's see ... $150,000.00 - give or take the deducted $3 each doll would cost at the time! If I had only known.

If my husband had only known how valuable his original Mickey Mantel rookie baseball card would be today when he received it from his dad (1951 card), he wouldn't have put it in the spokes of his Schwinn bicycle to create that obnoxious, motor-like clicking sound it made when he cruised around his Alpine, Utah neighborhood when he was a kid. At the time, he thought it was cool. If he had only known.

I thought of that Barbie doll, and that baseball card while having a conversation with a gal I was trying to convince and sponsor in Florida last week. I said it a little differently, trying to get her to catch the vision of our business, but the meaning of what I was trying to say was just as strong. I said with conviction, "If you knew what I know about where Voyager is headed, you wouldn't hesitate getting involved. In fact, you'd jump on board fast, talk to everyone you know, and build a strong team. It is the next legendary company, and you have the chance of a lifetime to be at the top. You are hearing about it first! You have the opportunity to change your life and your lifestyle. This is a gift that will make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people!" If she only knew what she was missing out on here.

Many people will miss the boat (or train :-) with this blessed business. They won't have your vision. They even may be wishing for a miracle, but will pass on your opportunity for some unknown reason. However, the few people who do catch the vision of where we are going with this business, will see their lifestyle's change in a monumental way. And those they involve with them on their teams, will see the same success. The others that pass on this opportunity will say in 5 - 10 years, "if I had only known."

"When in doubt ... diet." This is our home-based business slogan. Let's look at what we've got. Hot diet product that is filling an 8 year void in the marketplace. A $2 billion a year void. That's huge! Timing couldn't be better here. Add to that an experienced corporate team that knows how to create magic in marketing, and a unique compensation plan that is paying large bonus checks right out the gate to people just like you and me! What's not to love here?

Don't be that person who says, "if I had only known." Be the person who catches the vision, recognizes the power of the opportunity, and runs fast and strong, creating a team that duplicates that action. Turn the phrase, "if I had only known," into "I know, and nothing can stop me!" Make the commitment to go the distance with this. Go for it in a big way. Create momentum. Build your team. Stay plugged in, and take the voyage of your life!

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