Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take the Product to the People!

With a dynamite diet pill product like V3, your only job is to take the product to the people. People desperately want and need what you have, but just don't know about it. Get out there and share it at In-Home meetings, face-to-face appointments, trade shows and Pill Parties.

Here's a great picture of our newest Executive, Sherry Holmen and her friend, Barry Deuschle early on taking the product to the people at a local trade show. This happened before we had a professionally produced 90-Second Commercial, or all of the fancy Expo and meeting display items pictured in our latest Associate Bulletin. (To see bulletin CLICK HERE.) They just got out there and took the product to the people, had fun, and started building their business. Rumor has it that Sherry and Barry love Pill Parties, and just did a Skype meeting with Ken Burgess. That's how it's done. Congratulations to both Sherry and Marty Weeks, our newest Executive team, and Barry for his 20+ pound weight loss!

These face-to-face appointments, In-Home meetings, Pill Parties, and PBR's feed into and create the larger meetings held in hotels and convention halls. It's where it all starts. Network Marketing has always been built from intimate in-home-type gatherings. The cottage industry ushered in a slew of home parties, home gatherings where people feel comfortable and most often attend as a favor to a friend down the street, or family member. And they find themselves purchasing items that they normally may have not been aware of.

Ask yourself these questions. Why does Tupperware outsell Rubbermaid that is found in every grocery store? And why does Mary Kay outsell most department store cosmetics? It's the In-Home meetings. It's that personal attention given, the heart-felt stories told, and the feeling of trust they feel when they attend. The synergy of the group ignites energy, and snowballs into an area creating momentum. And that's where it gets exciting!

Start small with the help of your sponsor. Let them co-host with you at your first few In-Home meetings. Use the incredible 90-Second Commercial, Skype or speaker phone if your sponsor does not live close to you. Watch and learn from your sponsor to do these on your own. Practice on your friends and family first. Just keep them short - no longer than 1 hour. Keep them fast-paced. And keep them fun. Creating momentum and realizing your dream starts right there in your living room. Remember, your success is our success. So use your sponsor, your upline, the tools, and the 4-Step System. Taking the product to the people has never been so simple and fun!

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