Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sponsor Up!

Network Marketing is a very fun business to be aggressively involved with. The start-up rituals always include writing down your goals, determining your "why", ordering your business pak of inventory, customizing your replicating website, going through a 48-Hour face-to-face with your sponsor where they familiarize you with what is available from the company with regards to support and tools. And you are excited!

You can't wait to take on the world and share what you've got. You are going to make millions with your new business!

You've listened to a few weekly 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls, watched a company webinar where you got totally confused, but knew you would someday soon understand those new terms - coded bonuses, matching checks, fast start bonuses, compression, roll-up, etc. You've plugged in with www.burgessbiz.com, listened the Basic trainings and are raring to go!

Now it's time to start contacting people. Word of advise right out the gate? Don't sponsor that guy pictured above on the left. Don't try helping him get on his feet. Don't drag him to meetings. Don't put him on a 3-way call with your sponsor. Don't try motivating him because guess what? He will never do this business. He's not self-motivated enough to get up and shave, let alone set goals, make a Prospect 1000 list, memorize a One Minute Message, login to the team support site www.burgessbiz.com to get some basic training. He will never talk to anyone about hope and possibility. He has no desire to live the American Dream. He's not your guy. Move on. Look for people who are going to catch your vision, partner up, and run with this opportunity! It's time to do a little MLM Profiling!

I see it all of the time with this marvelous business. Distributors go after the wrong people. They sponsor down when they should be sponsoring up. We used to say (jokingly), "if they can fog a mirror, sponsor them." NOT! If they can afford a business package, are outgoing, love people, dream big, have personal goals, will join groups, attend meetings with guests, do 3-way calls, have positive energy, love to learn, are coach-able, want financial and time freedom, and are willing to go to work for a solid five years ... sponsor them.

Look for people who are self-motivated. Look for friendly, involved, busy people. Look for those who lead and read. They love self-improvement. They love working with people. They volunteer, are involved with their church and community. They love family and want more time with them. They have a certain sparkle in their eyes. They are often compulsive personalities - over-achievers that want to maximize living! They are the people you talk to. They are the ones you share that One Minute Message with. They are open-minded to new ventures and new ways of doing business. They thrive on recognition, and see themselves walking across that stage receiving top leadership awards. They have ego's, but not so much as to put anyone down to make themselves look bigger and better. They applaud their people from the back of the room, as well as honor them from the front of the room. These individuals are rare, but they are there! Go find them. Shake the bushes. Gather business cards. Join groups and organizations. Let people know who you are and what you've got. Sponsor up! And when you find those people - and you will. Plug them into the system, and then say, "the next one's even better!"

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