Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Stay excited about your business. 90% of what we do is fun. We even call our V3 the "happy skinny pill!" Of necessity, successful independent business builders must be enthusiastic, sincere, articulate and believable. When you are excited and share from your heart, you are like a magnet to the individuals you are sharing the business with. When depressed and appear like you don't like what you are doing, it's impossible to attract anyone to join you, and you most likely will not succeed with your business building. So let's prepare ourselves now - and prepare your newly sponsored people - on how to  "dodge the depression" torpedo before it sinks your business building ship. 

Success with business building in network marketing takes a positive, uplifting personality and demonstrable enthusiasm and exuberance. This comes from first realizing how exciting network marketing is - it's core benefits that include: working from home, working your own hours, choosing the people you want to work with and be a part of your team, being creative, looking the boss in the mirror, not fighting traffic or punching a time card, and truly living the American Dream. The freedoms include possible financial freedom with no limits to how much you can make, and freedom to work wherever you are in your pajamas if you choose to do so! There are tax advantages, travel opportunities, friendships, and recognition for your accomplishments, and so much more. Catch the vision of why this industry is so incredible, then write down your own personal "why" and dreams, chart out your path to succeed, visualize your success, take your V3,  then share from your heart with as many people as you can.

When a friend or family member declines the offer to come to home meeting or presentation, or worse, stands you up after accepting your invitation, don't get depressed or down. Just focus on the ones that did show up, sponsor them and move on. Sometimes people quit before they start, and that's just the way it is in this biz. Don't let their quitting effect you. Just move on, put on that V3 button, sponsor someone new and help them get their business started. That new person you sponsor will change your entire paradigm from sad to happy instantly!  

Stay plugged in with the calls, the webinar, your team and leaders. Stay coach-able and positive. When down - go up (upline that is). Things happen - life happens. And your job is to stay excited so that you can be an influence for good and positive action. People love being around happy, positive people. So, surround yourself with those types of people, and be one yourself.  Remember to work with your leaders, don't beg or babysit those people that just don't "get it", stay excited, take your V3, qualify for that monthly bonus pool ... then invite everyone you know over and throw a "Happy Pill Party!"

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