Monday, January 9, 2012


There is a process...a 4-step system for recruiting that works. To be effective with business building in network marketing, you can not be unorganized or haphazard, and hope something happens for you. You need a system where there are exacts and definites in place for people to plug right into, giving them a proven path to follow. It has taken over 35 years to perfect this proven system, and we feel good about what we have put into place, seeing what works, what doesn't work, and then fine-tuning the process. With every step within the 4-Step System, you ask people to take a L@@K and to get involved with you in the business. Maybe someone gets excited right after watching the commercial and swallowing the pill, while others have to go through every step before deciding to involve themselves. And that's OK. Just get them to take a look until they see what you see.

Our 4-step system has had many names throughout the years to include a baseball diamond, the Prospecting Pipeline, The Circle of Duplication, etc.. But no matter what you call it, there are 4 simple steps to take to see results with recruiting, teaching your team to duplicate, and to growing your business.

The system starts with step #1, showing the 90-Second Commercial. The commercial is fun and very product-driven. And showing the commercial pretty much sells the product for you. Now it's time to establish the opportunity with your prospect. That is easily done with you handing them your cell phone to listen to the recorded hotline (951) 262-3873. By pressing #1 they will hear an introduction to the business opportunity recorded by Ken Burgess. Most people do not know how to introduce the business. That is why we recorded the hotline for you. You can sample the product here, or better yet, sell them a months supply of the product.

Step #2 is where you follow-up with a 3-way with your sponsor to validate you and your opportunity. You also answer any questions they may have, and again ask them to get involved with you in the business. You have them check out your replicating website and the team support site to read up on product testimonials and listen to these testimonials and archived calls. Show them what to check out while there. 

Step #3 has you inviting them to an event. An event includes listening to a weekly call, webinar, or to meet you face-to-face for a presentation. An event also includes local meetings as well. Your goal is to expose them to the business by parading the tools you have in front of them. The closer they look at your opportunity, the more likely it is that they will want to enroll with you. Tell them you want them on your team, and ask them to get involved. Your only job is to ask them to take a look, then let the tools tell the story.

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