Monday, January 30, 2012


When distributors are actively bringing people to the meetings, calls and webinars, and are building their business, they want events that they can count on. That's why consistency with scheduling events is important, and following the same scripting makes perfect sense. The ole' "same time, same place" works beautifully with teams that are in motion moving to momentum. They want to be able to count on that Tuesday Team Testimonial call (Biz Briefing), that Wednesday Webinar, and Thursday In-Home meeting. When a team is not bringing guests to meetings, or putting new prospects on the calls or webinars, you'll hear them complaining, "ok, so I've heard all of this. Give us something new."  Not ... nada ... nope ... no way. :-)

In the last big company we were with for near fourteen years, I would go into areas to do large hotel meetings, along with the in-Home meetings, and there were individuals who always came, and always brought new guests. And they, because of consistency with bringing people to look at the opportunity, went on to making those 6-figure a month bonus checks! And I remember these same individuals at my meetings calling from the audience to me, "tell them that joke about...." I would smile and, of course, tell my tired jokes, and they would laugh right along with their new prospects, then sign them up!

It's all about consistently inviting people, picking them up, 3-way calling them into and gathering them together participating in the scheduled weekly events. Your consistency will make you more money than you can spend.  So keep those presentations packed and exciting by first, making sure that you always have someone new with you. Pick them up and take them with you to the meeting. 3-way call with them into those Tuesday Testimonial calls, and meet up with them to watch that Wednesday Webinar together. And, as you watch, listen and participate, remember...we don't mind if you call out to us something like, "tell that joke about..." It will just make us smile, tell the tired joke, and treasure the fact that you are there.  xo

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