Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chef Gadget!

Ok, it's true. I love kitchen gadgets! I love shopping kitchen stores, and I'm a gluten for purchasing online after watching an infomercial that is demonstrating (quite effectively) another better, faster and newer gadget. I have learned, however, to read up on reviews, usually posted on, to make sure the so-called miracle gadget really performs as promised. My newest request for Christmas this year was accomodated by my eldest son Ben and his wife, Cooper. They sent me the new Nicer Dicer. I love it and did all of my "prep" for the week today with it. It rocks! This is the 3rd dicer (newer versions). I wore one completely out, and after opening this new red Nicer Dicer on Christmas morning, I handed over my other dicer to David and his fiance', Sarah. They will love it, in fact...they already do!

Other kitchen items I use all of the time, and absolutely love, include my panini grill, Red-set-go Express, hand juicer (like Guy Fieri), mandolin, immersion blender, Wolfgang's Bistro mixer, Cuisinart food processor, etc. Anything that speeds up the process, as they say. And I get more excited about receiving these fun gadgets than if I'd received a diamond tennis bracelet! Sounds crazy, I know. But with everything I'm doing with building a biz from home, teaching voice students, writing and recording training's, directing choirs...I need "tools" to move things along more effectively, efficiently and quickly. Ahhhh, now you know where I'm going with this - right?

USE THE TOOLS. Let the tools introduce the product and business to a new prospect. Let the tools move them through the "pipeline." Streamline the prospecting process with the tools. The tools are far more effective than you over-selling, talking to much, complicating the message and trying to be the expert. (That just wouldn't be duplicatable!) Use and abuse the tools. Tools include the recorded "hotline" (951) 262-3873, the 90-second commercial, the team support site, the sample packet, the 3-way call, your Facebook groups, the weekly Biz Briefing, Mentoring, and training calls, webinars and. of course, your trusty Biz Binder with presentation pages and before and after pix. Get the picture? Make your life easier, your sampling more effective, your follow-up simpler, while keeping the duplication factor well in place. Tools talk, thus you too can be a "chef gadget" in your own unique way, right?

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