Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Make a Friend First

Sherry Holmen, Judy Roberts, Marty Weeks
Don't let anyone tell you differently, network marketing is all about the friendships. Call it person-to-person marketing, relationship marketing, or multi-level marketing, it's all the same and it's built on the relationships you make, bonds that are formed and trust that connects one person to another. 

"A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be." ~Douglas Pagels

Phil and Nancy Feinberg, Ken Burgess, Elaine and Scott Tomrell
Take time to build a relationship with those you bring to your team. What is their "why", and what are their goals? Listen to their needs and see how best this business will work into their lives. Help them write their goals and assist them with those 3-way calls and in-home meetings. And congratulate them every step of the way to achieving those goals. 

So many people try to just build a network marketing business on the internet, or with a lead generating system, and never connect with those they sponsor. John Maxwell says, "everyone communicates, very few connect," and I totally agree with this, especially in this business. You can still utilize those internet-type tools, but you must connect in a way that empowers the individual you have recruited, and makes them feel like someone cares about them as a person.

The secret to creating a huge team and those six-figure a month bonus checks? Build relationships through knowing the needs of those you lead. Meet with them. Gather them together with your team. Celebrate together and recognize their talents. Everyone brings something unique to the table with this biz, so  build on those strengths and care about those you work side-by-side with.

Rick Ball, Ken and Sandi Burgess, Shelley Ball
Butch Lafargue, Eddie Metcalf, Billy Banks
We have made some incredible friends in this business. We treasure those friendships. Companies have come and gone, but our friendships live forever. So as you build your business, re-acquaint with old contacts on Facebook, or meet someone new that you know will be awesome in the biz, take time right from the start by meeting with them face-to-face (48-checklist), and discover what makes them tick. And before counting the bonuses that you plan to earn if they turn out to be a key leader for you, make it a point to make them a friend first by being a friend to them. The rest will come in due time. :-)

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