Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I was interviewing some key leaders in a network marketing company a few years back, and when I asked one of the gals to summarize her secret to success she said simply, "stay excited." At the time I thought that was rather remedial, but as the years have passed with networking, I realize there is tremendous wisdom in those simple two words, "stay excited."

We all start out excited. We've had success with the product, we realize the timing couldn't be more opportune and everyone we talk to about our magic little "happy skinny pill" wants it as soon as they can get their hands on it, right? And we love that our V3 pill is filling a seven (7) year void in the marketplace, which means huge opportunity for us! And after a few "learning curve" months with this biz we realize that working for ourselves is 90% fun. But staying excited isn't always easy if we don't recognize that the "depression torpedo" can hit at any time without warning. So, my fab friends, prepare to dodge that 'depression torpedo' and stay excited about what you are doing.

Adapt the four "P's" right from the start - Plug In, Promote, Participate and stay Positive. Don't miss those Tuesday Biz Briefing calls at 6pm. Hearing those team testimonials keeps you realizing how exciting this business is. Even if you listen alone - listen. Promote these calls with your team and guests every week. Participate as much as you can with the calls, with joining Voyager groups on Facebook, and doing a quick "shout out" with every call. Be on the Monday Mentoring calls. Learn and teach the basics with your team. Be on the Saturday Strategy calls with your team. Meet with them after and "sizzle" about the topics taught. 

Recognize the fact that "Attitude Determines Altitude" in this biz.  If you have down days, take a walk, shake it off, then call your upline and talk it out. Never talk negative downline...ever!  Stay positive and pumped. Negativity has  no place with team building. Practice "self talk" that pumps you up. Adapt the "I'm smokin'!" attitude with everything you do. Act as my motto. Visualize yourself achieving top positions, walking across the stage being recognized for achievements. See yourself winning and then be a winner. Read great books on success, then walk the talk. You will achieve anything your mind can conceive. 

It's a numbers game with network marketing. You've heard that before, and you will continue to hear it over and over again. You want success with this biz? Sponsor more people, surround yourself with winners, and work with your leaders. Don't babysit your people or beg them to do something. Those that will WILL. Those that won't DON'T. Bottom-line here. Work with those that work, and continually bring in new people. A new excited person you sponsor will completely change your paradigm from depressed to pumped in a New York minute! So...get new people and stay excited!!!

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