Friday, January 27, 2012


If you want people to be at a meeting with you, pick them up. If you want them listening to a Tuesday Biz Briefing call, 3-way them into the call with you. If you want a person to watch a Wednesday Webinar with you, have them over and watch it together. Get the picture?

We always used to answer people who asked us how we had such great success with the businesses in the past this way. "We simply sample them, then drag 'em to a meeting!" We knew that if we could get them to the meeting, on the call, watching the webinar, we could take it from there and sign 'em up. Our job was just to get them to the event so they could catch the vision of what we were doing, hear the success stories, feel the passion of the people, and run with the excitement! 

Please don't let yourself get caught up in sitting at your desk, behind your computer, trying to build your business. You've got to (as they say) "circulate to peculate!" That's why we always teach our team to meet their prospects face-to-face, or as they say in Century 21, "belly-to-belly," and look into their eyes, share your story - your "why" - and get to know your prospects personally, so that you can effectively give a full presentation customized just for them. Learn about them. Know their dreams - their hopes - their concerns. And this can only happen when done in person.

So, get out there my fab team of talented individuals. Meet new people, gather business cards, book appointments and 3-way those prospects into the Tuesday night call, have them over to watch the Wednesday webinar with you, and on up with other Associates in the area, and hold a meeting. Then to be sure they attend, get into your car and go pick 'em up!

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