Friday, October 7, 2011

Why This? Why Now? Why Me?

As you talk to people about your business and start adding them to your Prospecting Pipeline (it's a journey and a process), you have to answer the questions, "Why This? Why Now? Why Me?" And you need to answer these questions more than once until they catch the vision of what you are doing and want to do it too. 

People are approached daily with a new Network Marketing program. They may have even "tried" doing something and failed, and that's OK. They may have preconceived ideas about Network Marketing, and can't see themselves selling anything, or approaching their friends and family. And that's OK too. However, if you do the approaching, presenting and enrolling simply, use the tools and the 4-step system, and add your own humor, passion and personality, your Prospect will realize that they can do what you do. And therein lies the secret to growing your business.

"Why This?" is answered when they realize 37% of the population is obese (and growing rapidly), grumpy or depressed (or both), tired and struggling with this sad economy. They feel out of control, and in need of a cash infusion big time. So, set the stage strong for what you have to offer. You have a solution to all of those ills, and more. You have the "happy skinny pill" that everyone wants like yesterday! They just don't know about it ... yet.

"Why Now?" is where you anchor in the timing factor. Near 8 years with a huge void in the natural diet pill market where nothing was available to assist a person with sticking to their chosen diet. A void that used to do $2 billion a year! That's BILLION with a "B"!!!  Obesity, depression, fatigue, economy ... all fixed with V3 and Voyager Health Technologies.

"Why Me?" really means..."can I see myself doing this?" So, word to the wise...use the tools, the 4-step system, the calls, webinars, 90-second commercial. Basically, SAY LESS TO MORE PEOPLE. It's a - look at this, listen to this, swallow this-type program and cool little pill. Don't complicate that. (K.I.S.S.)

I'll be training on the basics of Face-to-Face appointments Saturday morning 7am pacific October 8, 2011. Tune In...Take Notes... Take Action!  (940) 297-4000 code 303063#  Download the new power point presentation at - our team support site.

See you in the morning!

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