Monday, October 3, 2011


If I were asked to describe success with Network Marketing with one word it would be CONSISTENCY. Consistent income generating activity. Consistent daily sampling. Consistent follow-up. Consistently monthly sponsoring. Consistent communication with the upline and downline. Consistent plugging into weekly calls. Consistent holding weekly in-home type meetings. Consistent taking the fabulous V3 product. Consistent work = guaranteed success. It's a focused "just keep on $wimming!"

Most independent distributors lack the discipline to anchor into the concept of consistency. It takes creating a business building habit. It means taking your business seriously, getting up early in the morning, taking your V3, doing a few jumping jacks and taking a brisk walk, and putting in the time to build a business. You must be consistent and teach your team to be consistent. You must set the example of sampling, selling and sponsoring, then teach your team to do the same. You must DIVE IN DAILY!

With this word CONSISTENCY in mind, we, along with corporate, decided it was important to create a built-in incentive enhancement to the current pay plan. This is the exciting new monthly FAST START BONUS POOL. When you qualify for the pool every month by sponsoring three new people, and teach your teams to do the same, you will see bigger checks, bigger volumes, and will create a momentum that will take us all to the next level of income and activity. So..."everyone into the pool!" And with focus and consistency (dive in daily) ...just keep on $wimming!

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