Monday, October 10, 2011


Face it, Voyager Associates, with V3 you have literally hit the jackpot! And to collect big bucks, just do what ya gotta do to succeed - sample, sell, sponsor, support.

There's a saying in Network Marketing, "if the 'why' is big enough, the how'to's just don't matter." This is a very true statement.  We've all seen those wonderful brand new distributors so excited about the V3 product that nothing stops them from talking to everyone, and no one seems to says "no" to them. Why? Because their excitement is magnetic. They realize that what they have is like the cartoon implies ...hitting the jackpot! And, my friends, you have hit the jackpot with V3.

You've got a simple, all-natural, affordable, 'magic' pill that elevates your mood, boosts your energy and completely shuts off your appetite. One little pill that can change your life. Don't keep that a secret. It just doesn't get easier than V3. And nothing can stop you when you are pumped, have your goals in focus, and realize you've hit the jackpot with this product. Just stay excited by staying plugged in with every single call on Tuesday night 6pm pacific and Saturday morning at 7am pacific. (Plug the phone number into your phone. It's (940) 287-4000 code 303063#.) Listen wherever you are and let those testimonials empower you. Participate with sharing your story on Facebook, the Tuesday night calls, in person, on the phones, in meetings, everywhere. "I'm having fun, losing weight and making money!" should roll off your lips with ease. Don't complicate that. Do to Duplicate the 4-step system, use the new recorded Hotline (951) 262-3873, and have a blast! You have hit the jackpot with V3. Own it and take it to the bank!

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