Thursday, October 6, 2011

Become Interdependent!

Annie & Tom Arnes and Vicky Tye
‎"Dependent people need others to get what they want. Independent people can get what they want through their own efforts. Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success." - Stephen Covey

What do I like most about Network Marketing? The relationships and friendships made. Getting to know the incredible people from coast to coast in our downlines and our team. Many of those involved in Voyager with us right now, especially the leaders, are friends we've made over the years in this business. 

Friends working together is the foundation of this business. It's creating that Stephen Covey described "Interdependence" that makes this work. That's why we do the 3-way calls, the 48-Hour Business Planning Session with our new Associate, the In-home meetings together, the goal-setting sessions, Boiler Room Recruiting, Super Saturdays, team-up with trade shows and expo's, and Field Training with 2-on-1 appointments. It's about the relationships we build and interdependence we count on - the synergy of the group that brings success to all involved. It's not about working alone, behind your computer on the internet, or mass mailing. It's about making a contact, building a relationship and creating a bond, and an environment of trust between you and your individual team members. It's about empowering each other and cheering each other on - the team!

So many people try to short-cut this very important process of building a relationship before building their Network Marketing business. It just doesn't work. You begin with the basics by writing your Prospect 100 list from the moment you enroll. You add to this as you go along, Then you begin calling your Warm Market first, asking for a favor with taking a look at your new project (Voyager opportunity). You invite them to take a look with your sponsor on a 3-way call and at a team meeting. You ask for help from your sponsor as soon as you complete those basics to getting your business going, i.e. listen to the 5 Basic training's at, then at a meeting with your sponsor for a Business Planning Session using that 48-Hour Checklist. 
Phil and Nancy Feinberg, Ken Burgess, Elaine and Scott Tomrell

Once you feel you have worked every contact in your Warm Market, then get out there, Wednesday Walk-about, join clubs, gather business cards, ask for referrals and meet new people. But know that you have to WARM UP that COLD MARKET after you start the prospecting process. These new contacts have to trust you. And this "warming up" takes time, but it is the fun, and most rewarding part of building a business from home with Network Marketing. 

Don't just throw spaghetti up against the wall and see what sticks. Build relationships. Discover what makes the people you are working with tick. What are their goals and dreams? Why are they involved with you? It's the INTERDEPENDENT people who see huge success in this Network Marketing business. It's the bonding, the friendships, the relationships that last and create synergy, team-spirit, loyalty and depth in your organization. So, before giving up on your warm market contacts, take out those lists (church groups, holiday cards, booster clubs, sports team rosters, etc.), use the Memory Jogger at, and become healthy, wealthy, and ... interdependent!

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