Thursday, October 27, 2011


Our New V3 Buttons

Our Be Free Buttons

I'm quite honestly not a real button person, never have been, probably never will be. However, I'll wear a flashy diamond studded awards pin, talk to everyone I meet, but a button...I'll leave that to Billy Banks :-)  When Billy and Eltha visited us at our home here in California about a month ago, Billy never went anywhere without that V3 button with the weight he'd lost written big and bold. He knows the power of being a billboard. And once they started asking Billy about his button, he was off and running to races with the opportunity! 

Any button you wear will get everyone looking, and some asking what that is all about. (Yea!) That's a lead-in, door opener for conversation about the Voyager opportunity. Just make sure you are "armed and dangerous" with V3 samples and product, business cards, 90-second commercial, cell phone with the HOTLINE on speed dial, and something to write down contact information when giving out samples and selling product.

Some people, like my husband, definitely needs something pinned on, sewn on, or clipped on to get people asking him what Voyager or V3 is. Once asked, he's good to go and unveil the magic of Network Marketing and the off-the-charts business opportunity with Voyager. He'll even flash a copy of our last bonus check! But, it seems to take the "billboard approach" to get him talking to people sometimes. And that's OK. Different strokes for different folks. As long as you get talking about the business, whatever works. I call it "glitzin' and blitzin'! (See cute V3 shirts from Shelley Ball's team.)

Pam Hatcher, Mary Kirk, Dr. Oz, Shelley Ball & Robin Southern
Whatever you need to do to get people asking, do it. Shake the bottle before a meal when eating out and say loudly, "glad I took my V3 before eating here...completely slams my appetite!"  Then check around and see if anyone heard you. If not, shake louder and raise your voice (LOL). whatever is comfortable, but do something. 

I like to pull the packets out when I'm in the restroom before washing my hands, it always gets someone asking about the V3 packet.  Yea!  "Oh this is that new, hot little happy skinny pill everyone is raving about. I've already lost 15 pounds! Better yet, it makes me feel happy! It's incredible. I'm sure you've heard of it. You'd love it." Then come the questions...WEAR - CARE - SHARE!!! Get the picture? 

The Billboard Approach is a kind of "wear and share" approach where you do or where anything to get people asking questions. Just don't trip people if they don't immediately respond to your "bling!" 

Al & Gayle Cashman shaking their V3 bottles!
Here are some basic Billboard Approach do's: Smile at people, compliment something (I love your briefcase, shoes, handbag, etc.). Ask them for the time (just don't have a watch on.) Make conversation while shopping - "Do you know which isle the organic foods are in? I've just lost 50 pounds and am finding that I'm eating healthier." Again guys...get the picture?  Just be friendly, pumped, happy, energized (as in MOOD - ENERGY - APPETITE), wear Voyager "stuff" and get people lookin' (and cookin'), and asking you what it is you are doing, and what is V3? It's fun. In fact, get out there every Wednesday (Walkabout) and meet, greet, and compete...with yourself. HAVE FUN!  Team-up and do this together. If it looks fun, people want to know what's up? Challenge yourself, and your team, to meet new people, make new friends, and sponsor new people every week!  Just BE A BILLBOARD for health and wealth...V-Style!

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