Friday, October 21, 2011

Business or Hobby?

"My father taught me always to do more than you get paid for as an investment in your future."  - Jim Rohn

Ask yourself this question about your involvement with Voyager Health Technologies. "Is this going to be a business or a hobby?" If it is going to be a serious business, then you have got to put in the time to build your business. You must invest in the business and you must invest in yourself. Ken and I made the choice to do Network Marketing professionally years ago. We chose it as a business, not a hobby. A hobby is a part time thing, and pays you part time money. A serious business takes consistent business building activity, and time to grow. But a thriving business won't grow if you don't treat it like a business. 

Too many MLM "deals" out there pitch something for nothing, and sell you on the concept of you making millions for doing very little. The "if you build it, they will come," phrase from Field of Dreams rings true here with your business. "They", referring to the thousands of downline team members will only come if you first "build it." And that takes effort. You must sponsor 100 people in your Network Marketing business personally. That should be your target number. That may take 10 years, and that's OK. And from those 100 people you will find 10 great leaders. And from those 10 leaders will be 3 that will blast your business! The "sort and sift" concept applies with sponsoring. You'll sponsor people who are wholesale consumers only, others who are retailers of the product only, a few who will sponsor a few people, and a couple will be serious and roll up their sleeves and build seriously. And that's all you need to make those six figure a month checks ... a couple of great people. But you've got to put in the work to find those people.

We zero in on key people with ambition, a strong why, who follow and teach the system and are coachable. And they don't necessarily have to have had MLM experience. In fact, new people to this industry are often the best because they come to the table with no baggage, negativity and are willing to do whatever it takes to build their business. We love these people. We work with those that work, and so should you. But must treat your business like a business. Get serious. Be a winner not a whiner. Set the example. Set the pace. Learn the plan, then work that plan. Don't talk about what you are going to do ... just do it. Create a strong team. Create team spirit with your team. Make your lists, digging deep with the Memory Jogger to jog your mind of who you really know from groups, clubs, and associations. Who do you do business with (hair, nails, cleaning, etc) and tell them you have a project you'd love to share with them. Meet face-to-face and go through the power point presentation with your Biz Binder, invite them to a Biz Briefing call, local meeting, using the 4-step system. Consistently get in front of people to build your business.

Get out there and meet new people, gather business cards and intentionally meet with people to build your business. Take it seriously. Don't just sell the product. Share the opportunity. Your V3 product is the simple solution for health and wealth, a "dream" product for any Network Marketing company. But you must be intentional with building your business, selling the dream - the opportunity, and being a Network Marketing professional. Write down why you are doing this, treasure map your goals so you look at them everyday, sample two a day, everyday with the intent of building a business for yourself. When asked what you do for a living, say, "I'm a Network Marketing professional. I teach people how to successfully run a business from home, and I love it." Think like that. Don't be the pill lady down the street. Be the Network Marketing pro who has that hot diet pill V3 and is living the American Dream!

Ken and I have made an incredible income with Network Marketing, but we have always treated it like a business. People don't magically follow us from one company to another. That's not what happens. We make our lists, organize ourselves with the Telephone Talk bullet sheet, weekly calls, hotline, support site, etc. and then get serious. We know that V3 works - no question. Easiest thing we've ever done. We know the plan and work the plan. Sponsor four - Director ... sponsor six and help them sponsor four - Executive, and so on. We do what we have to do to build the business. We don't treat it like a hobby. We treat it like the gift it is ... an opportunity of the lifetime to change lifestyle. We use the tools and work with those that work. That's the bottom line. You work this business casually, you become a casualty. "I hope it's going to work," never enters our minds. We love V3 and know that this will be the biggest hit this country has ever had. And we want you to be at the top. That's exactly how you must look at this business. So, take a moment to answer the this a business or a hobby? Then DO the business everyday, and build yourself a dream team that will make a difference with health and wealth this country desperately needs. Truly...GET ON BOARD and BUILD A BUSINESS!!!

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