Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Vicky Haynie, Alice Smith, Shelley Ball (Executive) ... FIELD TRAINING
I've learned over the years to either sponsor people with excellent Network Marketing experience who know what they are doing and just need you for those important 3-way calls, or learn to field train your people. 

Categorize your sponsoring like this ... the three H's...Hitters, Hustlers, Homemakers. Hitters are rare.  Hustlers (usually men) may sponsor a slew of people, but most likely don't train them how to do the business (spaghetti thrown against the wall to see what sticks?)  So, who do you think does most of the work at the grassroots and moves the most product, and loves nurturing the people they sponsor? Yes, the wonderful homemakers. (I'm one!) We hold up grocery lines sampling the clerk, stop people coming out of PTA meetings and church, are selling product out of the trunk of their car while watching their kids play soccer, and usually drag the dead to meetings because we desperately want them to succeed :-(.  We are truly the ones who build this business. So, as their sponsor, field train your people how to build a big business, not just sell product.

First, use the 4-step system and tools while prospecting your people. This sets the example of how to build the business. Secondly, meet with your newly sponsored Associate and go over the 48-hour checklist. This is a no-brainer - just follow it. Thirdly, "launch" their new business with their contacts at their home. You just bring the tools to do the in-home meeting. Fourthly, meet face-to-face with 5-10 appointments with your new Associate. This is called the 2-on-1.  Fifthly, go on Walkabout Wednesday with your people to meet new people, gather business cards and work that cold market. "She'd be great in our business. Give her your card," is music to the ears of a new Associate.  

Continue doing the 3-way calls and team up with meetings and events. Network Marketing is a people-to-people marketing approach, where the best place to be as a leader is in the back of the room applauding your new people as you watch them speak, lead, grow and develop in the front of the room, and in the business. There's honestly nothing better.  

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