Monday, October 24, 2011


"Begin with the end in mind." - Stephen Covey

What's the "end" with Network Marketing? To recruit, help those you recruit to recruit, and build a huge worldwide network of distributors.  It's a share the dream, build the team kind of business. Begin all presentations with that in mind and you will see success. 

I can teach you a hot phrase that when asked what you are doing you simply say, "I'm having fun, losing weight and making money!" And that will trigger questions that lead you into the One Minute Message ...

"You've got to take a look at an exciting project that I'm working on with a hot all-natural diet pill that brightens your mood, boosts your energy and completely slams your appetite. Everyone loves this, and they are making money. You need to do this with me."  

And I can give you a 24/7 recorded hotline (951) 262-3873, a 90-second smash hit commercial to show (see bottom of page), a team support site, weekly Tuesday night Biz Briefing calls (6pm pacific), and live Saturday morning Success Strategy calls (7am pacific) (949) 287-4000 code 303063#, create a power point presentation with scripting, and even a demonstration on how the scripting should be done - posted at I can provide fliers for guerrilla marketing, downloads, training modules, and a proven 4-step system. But for you to succeed with Network Marketing and this business, you must use these wonderful tools by knowing where you are going with every presentation. You must Begin with the End in Mind, and that is to build a strong team of distributors. That, my friend, takes personal, consistent recruiting. 

If ever discouraged or disappointed with the team you currently have, get a new team. Get out there and meet up with new people, and recruit new people into your business. Grow your business! I can promise you this, that as soon as you recruit new people, your entire paradigm changes from discouraged to excited!  This coming Saturday at 7am pacific, I will teach you how to hold fun and successful "Happy Skinny Pill" Parties. But, it's not about just selling the product. You RETAIL to RECRUIT. It's about RECRUITING, building a team and growing your business. Selling the V3 product is just the starting point to your goal to succeed. Note: a happy customer makes an outstanding distributor, and a great distributor makes the best customer. (Think about that for a minute.)  Your Action Assignment: Begin with the End in Mind ... Retail to Recruit!!!


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  1. This blog is really encouraging. I am building retail customers, but at this point, not so many biz partners. So...thanks for the update, beginning at the end! :)