Friday, February 4, 2011

Ziploc Bags

I just got off the phone with a person I haven’t talked to in over twenty years. She’s a recognized networker and, of course, I was contacting her about our new business. She said something interesting to me that triggered this post. You see, in discussing the success we had had in a former company that starts with “star”, where we had been the first distributors (which was very hard work with no literature, no websites, no sample paks – other than Ziploc baggies – no great packaging, no experienced marketing team – absolutely nothing). All we had was enthusiasm, determination and consistent action. It was just the three of us blazing the trail, so to speak, pushing the cart uphill, weathering the start-up bangs and bruises. She then mentioned that she had been approached to come on board about the same time we had been presented the opportunity, but she had passed on it because it was a start-up, and she had gone with another company (actually five). Then she cockily said - “I could have made the millions you did had I stayed there.” My question to her (which I kept to myself) was … “then why didn’t you?”

That’s a good question – “then why didn’t you?”

So many people miss out on a true opportunity because of lack of vision. Then after they see someone experience great success they say … “I could-a, would-a, should-a…” Well…they didn’t. Those that do … do. Those that don’t … don’t. That’s the bottom line. They didn’t have your vision. And, yes, being first will have it’s struggles, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges.

You are here first. With consistent, daily hard work (income generating activity – sponsoring, sponsoring, sponsoring) you will be at the top of the game, which means the top of the money earners! Being here first is exciting. You are able to establish the name of the company and product. You get to pave the way for others. You get to set the pace of your team. You get to reach the top income levels first. You will be on the first Trip of the Lifetime! You will attend the first convention. Just think … you will be followed and applauded for your success. You will be recognized for a job well done. All it takes is what we had 20 years ago in a hotel room with only Ziplock baggies of product … vision, determination and hard work. What was the outcome of all our blood, sweat and tears? LIFESTYLE. It was living the American Dream in full glory. And…there’s nothing better.

Remember .,.. you are here first!


  1. You continue to put out such great messages. All of which ring loud and clear. Being first teaches many lessons, some good, some hard. But these lessons help you to help others so they will not make the same mistakes. In the end being a pioneer is a risk well worth taking.

  2. Sandi, Thank you this is great message.