Monday, February 21, 2011


It doesn't matter how long I've been in this powerful Network Marketing business. I'm always learning. I had the privilege to work with a key Network Marketing professional with the last business endeavor and he taught me the importance of staying plugged in.

I always knew how important staying plugged in was. Taught the concept for years. But the week I started working with him, I got busy on a 3-way call during a scheduled company conference call, so missed the call. I justified it as, "well, I was doing the business." However, my friend called me right after the call ended and asked me if I had been on the call. I said, "no because I was on a 3-way call." He then lectured me on the importance of being on these calls and setting the example to the team - thus creating, teaching and doing the duplication thing.

He was not happy with me and he thought I knew better as a seasoned Network Marketing veteran of 40 years. That was the bad news. The good news is that I truly learned from that point on, what REAL duplication meant.

You see, you just can't tell your people to hop on those Monday morning Core Leadership Calls and Thursday Night 18 Minute Biz Briefing Live Calls. You have to be on these calls yourself, and promote it with your team. Then you have to follow it thru and check to make sure your team got on them. If they didn't get on or show up ... lecture them about being on those calls just like my sponsor did with me. That's duplication.

Staying plugged in with, emails, text reminders, calls, webinars, events, meetings - keeps you pumped and working the business and achieving your financial goals. Staying plugged in literally WIRES YOU TO WIN with this fabulous home-based business we call Network Marketing! Your staying plugged in keeps you on track and excited. Staying plugged in and participating with sharing your story with others listening, sets you a part as a true leader. Are you staying plugged in? Are you Wired to Win? If not ... do it now.

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  1. Hmmmm....are you talking to me??? I must admit, you are absolutely right! When you miss a call you feel like you've cheated yourself and your team. Staying plugged in is the secret to success. It is the difference between being a 'leader' or being a 'loser'.