Thursday, February 17, 2011

Making the Right Decision

I was on the phones most of yesterday with some very sharp people, all looking for that perfect work-from-home opportunity to get involved with. They had heard me speak and train with other Network Marketing companies, knew I had just recently resigned from a "jungle juice" business and asked me why I had walked away, leaving money on the table, and why I had selected Voyager as my company of choice.

In one particular 30 minute conversation, the individual I was chatting with was juggling two opportunities already, was constantly being pitched on many more, and asked me point blank ... "how do you choose the right company?"

That, my friends, is an easy question for me to answer. I have been involved longer than anyone on the planet (I think) with Network Marketing, starting out at age 18 with a direct sales cosmetic company (I'm celebrating my 60th birthday this month - so you do the math). I have seen what works, what doesn't, been there ... done that. And this is what I've found to be the most important four critical factors to the success, longevity and momentum of a company. They are: product, management, compensation plan and timing.

The product has to be consumable and life-changing. The end consumer has to feel it and have results immediately. A simple diet pill that works like our V3 has almost immediate results, thus high demand. People want it, and can't get it fast enough. You see, when a homemaker can sell it out of the back of her trunk while watching her kids play soccer - you have a winner! America is out of control right now with obesity and depression on the rise, and people have been literally super-sized to death. They need (and want) a simple, affordable pill to swallow that will give them control, boost their energy and brighten their mood. What's not to love about that?

Management has to know how to create magic with marketing, and really know, through personal field experience, the needs of the distributor. The Compensation Plan has to pay at every level - from the person just starting out in the business, to the big hitter who wants those six-figure a month bonus checks. So many plans out there may pitch well, and look good on paper, but just flat out don't pay.

And timing has to be right. With an eight year void in the marketplace for a simple and safe diet pill that works, there is high demand for what we have here. And to be in on the pre-launch of a company - the basement vs. just ground floor, it doesn't get better than that. In fact, if someone is pitching you on another juice product (no matter where in the jungle they stumbled upon it), that market is fatigued. If someone is trying to recruit you into a company with 2 million distributors ... timing is definitely not on your side. If what you are sharing with friends and family with your business is difficult to explain. It won't duplicate, and duplication is key.

And thus the conversation brought us around to why I sold a juice business. Why I walked away from another. What I chose was a chance to be at the top of the next legacy company with a flagship product that people want, a management team that creates magic, a revolutionary compensation plan, and perfect timing to see big time success. That's why I chose Voyager, and why I get up at dawn to do what I love to do. And working along side great, positive, goal-oriented people is frosting on the already perfect cake. Once that decision was made, running at full speed for the first couple of years definitely guarantee's the lifestyle I have come to enjoy with his awesome Network Marketing business. I definitely made the right decision.


  1. Another winner! Your words jump right off the page and come to life. Can't wait to share this with the person you spoke to yesterday. Awesome explanation of 'why' Voyager and why now. Love it!!!

  2. Parts of this blog helps me to speak with business owners who are not sure whose products to market.