Monday, February 7, 2011


I've truly been blessed with some awesome kids. At the time when I was having children eighteen months a part, and feeling non-stop pregnant, I didn't realize how close of buddies they would all stay. And that makes me smile. I could go on and on (as all proud mothers and grandmothers do), giving examples of how much they helped each other over the years- emotionally, physically, financially, etc. But that is personal info that gets tucked away in my personal journal and scrap booking projects.

Last week, however, my youngest son, David made the same team that my son Chris has been on this year in Poland (both are pro basketball players). The details aren't important on how that actually happened, but the buddy-up factor does. They play different roles on the team - one a center and the other a power forward. But they are there for each other as teammates and as brothers. I have a priceless picture where Chris (on the left) is giving David (on the right) a dirty look. Who knows what the conversation was, all that matters is that they are empowering each other, have each others back, and they are making things happen together on the court.

So what does this have to do with your business? A great deal. First - don't work alone. (The "No Man is an Island." song is now running through my head.) This wonderful networking business is about teaming up, empowering each other, holding each other accountable, sharing in each other's successes, and validating each other and the opportunity (3-way calling).

So as you begin to develop your team, find someone you can truly buddy-up with in your area. Call each other daily and hold each other accountable, strategize together on how to grow the area, report your successes, keep each other motivated and working towards both of your written goals. Do in-home meetings together, walk-abouts together (where you get out there meeting people and gathering business cards), and make things happen together. It works.

Have fun with this. Remember: if one of you misses the shot ... the buddy will rebound and make the basket. The outcome? More fun and bigger success for the both of you!


  1. Hi Sandi,

    You did it again! You make it so easy to understand how to empower each other by sharing David and Chris' professional basketball experiences and friendship. No body does it like you! Thanks for another gem!

  2. Turth!Great article and I hope the team will hear your words of widom. Billy