Saturday, February 5, 2011

You are an Event Promoter!

"Extra ... Extra ... Read All About It! " is the name of the game with this biz. The better at promoting you are, the bigger the bonus check you'll make!

You have a Ken Burgess Kick-Off Meeting Road Trip coming up. Be strategic. Look at the calendar under - tab CALLS & EVENTS. Don't wait until Ken comes to your area, then get sad because you're area isn't listed on the calendar yet. (It will be with hard work!) Look at where he's going and who you know in those areas that you can slam into the meetings. Lay that calendar out on your desk and work at getting people there. Who do you know? Who does your team know. Do a strategy call with your team and see who has contacts in those areas.

Who do you or who does your team know in: 2/7 Grand Blanc, MI, 2/8 West Bloomfield, MI, 2/9 Kansas City, MO, 2/10 Dayton, OH, 2/16 Southold, NY, 2/24 Myrtle Beach, SC, 2/28 Valdosta, GA, and 3/1 Tallahassee, FL?

Getting people into those meetings will explode your biz. Ken is there to paint the picture, give vision to the opportunity, to motivate the teams there, to excite the guests and to train everyone on how to make money with this biz! That's his job. Your only JOB is to fill the room with team members and Prospects.

Once you truly understand that this biz is all about promoting the next event, your group will anchor in and then explode. Promote your team and Prospects to hop on the webinars on Monday, listen in on the calls Thursday, attend in-home meetings, special calls, company conventions and trips, become a FOUNDER, advance to Director - then Executive - then Regional - then National!. You don't ever stop promoting and INVITING people to take a look - take a listen - take a sample - take a spot on your team - until you are making more money than you can spend. There's no limit to what you can make when you truly become proficient at promoting events. End every conversation with..."The Next Step for You is..." Then get them to the next meeting, call, position, webinar, event, 3-way call ... moving them to the top with you!

Event Promotion Tools - Emailing, texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, Calling, Face-to-Face Meeting. In other words ... circulate to perculate. Create personal momentum and have fun. Challenge yourself. Challenge your team. Be the best darn promoter there is. Then ... EXTRA EXTRA ... we'll be all reading about you!!!

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  1. Once again, your right on the money! You are the 'great' motivator! Thanks for being an inspriation to us all.