Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The "X Factor!"

Yes, I admit it. I like Simon Cowell and I miss him. American Idol just isn't working for me this year with him gone. Loved his sarcasm, honesty and obnoxious behavior. It was real and made me laugh and smile at the same time that I was saying outloud ... "ouch, that hurt." But enough about that. Simon has a new show coming out called "The X Factor". Don't you remember him telling (my fav) Carrie Underwood that she had the "X factor" and would be the most successful American Idol (or something to that effect)? People either have "it" or they don't. It's that extra something that sets them a part. It's "magic" and is very magnetic. Success always follows them.

I have seen this "X Factor" with key leaders in our Networking businesses over the past 40 years. They are rare gems we call "leaders" who always create magic, and step up and take the lead with making things happen - no matter where they live, where they come from, or what circumstances could have altered their success. And it's pure joy to behold! They are self-motivated, goal-oriented and let nothing stop them from succeeding. They always get me pumped when I see them in action!

There are many coming on board with the team who have this dynamic "X Factor." One such individual, along with her business partner, is creating monumental momentum before the product has even hit the pavement. Her name ... Elaine Tomrell of Grand Blanc, MI. She is flat out kickin butt! Let me describe what has just happened in Michigan the past two days.

My handsome hubby (kids hate me to call Ken hubby) ... scheduled his marathon month of meetings to start in Michigan. He arrived in time to watch the Super Bowl and breathe from the cross-country flight, but as soon as he put on his dress-for-success business attire, Elaine had her key leaders (all awesome by the way!) meet him for lunch, strategize, answer comp plan questions, then had 80 that night at the first meeting! But it didn't stop there. She then had him meet with the guests from the meeting last night, meet him for lunch today for yet another presentation where he could paint the bigger picture of "hope and possibility."

Ken will most likely drop after his drive to the next scheduled meeting, but the momentum Elaine has started there with Ken in Michigan will give her and her beautiful biz partner, Nancy Feinberg, a bonus check that will break all records for a start-up company! Note that Elaine knows the compensation plan probably better than Ken, (definitely me) and had Ken and their team on more comp plan calls late at night than I can count. She was definitely setting the pace for the pack, so to speak. Within hours of opening our doors for pre-launch, she and Nancy were Executives. Excellent!

There are definitely many of you reading this post that have this same "X Factor." You are self motivated, positive, goal-oriented, busy people with a big "why" (fire in your gut) and will do exactly the same thing these ladies and their awesome team are doing. And you will have your financial dreams come true right before your eyes. You will change lives. You will make a difference to a very depressed, fat, broke nation. We love you for that. And it warms our heart to see you succeed. Your joy is definitely our joy. xoxo


  1. WOW is right. Go for Elaine and Nancy!!! Really happy for them and the leaders they brought to the table for Ken to work with. Congratulations to all of them!

  2. Whoops...meant Good for Elaine and Nancy!!!