Friday, February 18, 2011

Laser Vision

I just spent a week in State College, PA with my oldest son, Ben, his wife and his five fantastic children. It was a very special time for me since I rarely see them. Of course, one night we had to watch the original Superman 1. Ben has always been a major Superman fan. His entire office area in his home is a collection of Superman memorabilia. He seems to know everything there is about this super hero. And, to tell you the truth, I'm not sure where this obsession comes from.

A couple of weeks ago I had to laugh at his and my son-in-law, Eddie's Facebook posts. They were bantering back and forth about Yoda's light saber penetrating Superman. Reading it, and chuckling out loud, I felt like I was reading a script from The Big Bang Theory (one of my fav tv shows.) Of course, Ben had the facts about Superman and his laser vision cutting through almost everything, including Yoda's light saber. Funny. So, as the story goes, reading that Facebook posting, looking at Ben's shelves of Superman collectibles, and re-watching Superman 1, it brought to mind the importance of laser vision and focus with building your home-based business.

You see ... you make the right decision to join the best company. You are excited. You anxiously await your Start-up Package of product to arrive. You've made your lists of people to contact. In many cases, your product is actually sold before it arrives. You're on fire! The key now is to stay laser-focused on your new project, seeing it through, until your goals are achieved. Laser-focused means doing this with determination and passion! Listening to the three trainings posted at, reading the team blogs, following the 4-step system, participating in, and promoting every Thursday night Biz Briefing call, sponsoring new people every week, talking the business everyday, and letting nothing stop you from achieving your goals and living your dreams.

Laser-focus means working this one business hard and strong, not trying to juggle other Network Marketing companies at the same time. (One horse over the finish line, as they say), will see a congruency with your recruiting and leadership efforts. Doing what needs to be done, personally, professionally, and with your team. Laser-focus in on your goals. Know what you want, then take the daily action to move yourself and your team towards achieving those goals. Stay excited. Stay plugged in with the weekly Thursday night live Biz Briefing Calls, packed with exciting product testimonials. Stay excited and have fun! Truth, justice and the American way means, in my book ... truly living the American Dream!

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  1. Brilliant! You did it again...thanks for keeping all of us motivated, focused, excited and revisiting our 'why'! You really know how to bring out the best in all of us!