Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our "Why"...

Someone once said, "if your 'why' is big enough, the how-to's just don't matter." How simple a phrase, but how true the message. In fact, I have seen many people over the years with absolutely no training or experience in Network Marketing, soar to the top of the company charts, win all of the awards, cars and trips, and see their dreams come true! Why? Because they had a huge "why" that drove them to succeed.
Our "why" has always been, and will always be centered around our family - their activities and their needs. We love the freedom that this business has always given us. Our offices have always been in our home, and wherever our children's activities and involvements have taken them (from sea to shining sea :-), because of the freedom of Network Marketing, we have never missed a basketball game, concert, program, play or cherished moment with our children, and now our grandchildren. Having the freedoms that Network Marketing affords - time, location, finances - we are able to be involved with our kids and grandkids, no matter where they live. This business has
truly blessed our life.

The picture in the right corner is one of my favorite pictures of Ken (grandpa) holding one of Chris' girls at a pro basketball game in Seoul, Korea where Chris was playing with the Hyundai team. Prior to the game, we had been discussing the Networking Marketing business we were then involved in, with the assistant coach. Pretty cool. The picture to right is daughter, Angela's five girls here in Southern California. You'll often hear them in the background as I'm on 3-ways playing Barbie at grandma's.

The picture bottom left is me with my oldest son, Ben's family visiting Penn State in State College, PA, where I have been recruiting people for our new business, Voyager. Those five kids are growing so fast, and if I didn't have this business, neither Ken nor I could visit as often, and at the same time, build a business across the country. Awesome!

Find your passion, and anchor in your "why." Once that fire within you is ignited, your"why" will drive your daily actions and activities. And nothing can or will stop you from achieving your goals, and living the life you want to live, with the people you care about the most. Remember ..."When your 'why' is big enough, the how-to's just don't matter."

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