Monday, March 21, 2011

Why the 3-Way Call???

No, these cute little girls to the left aren't three of my grand daughters, although I have eleven! I just liked this photo when discussing the 3-way call. Maybe you will all lighten up with this important step with the 4-Step System with looking at this fun picture. :-)

Why does every Network Marketing pro who has made 5 and 6 figure a month bonus checks stress the importance of 3-way calling? And if they are saying it is "key" to big bonus checks, why are you hesitating to do them?

Maybe you just don't understand how and why they are done. Let me break it down for you in a simple way. First, it is part of our 4-Step System. It is step 3 that follows (1) Recorded Hotlines -and new 90 Minute Commercial!, (2) Website, (3) 3-Way Call, (4) Event. One for the money ... two for the show ... three to get ready ... four to go! Right? Secondly, it validates you, your product and business opportunity.

Your 3-way is another voice that says that what you are saying is true, and what you are sharing with your Prospect is important. Sometimes you just need a "back up" ... a voice of experience ... a friend to assist you with delivering your message.

When you are sharing this phenomenal business opportunity, bottom-line guys ... don't work alone. The power of Network Marketing is the NETWORK! Use it. Abuse it (in a good way). Don't work alone or you'll always be working alone - which equals zip money!
Make the call to your sponsor. Then make the call with your sponsor on the line to your Prospect. Ask if it's a good time to chat for a second. Introduce your Prospect to your Sponsor like this: "Jane, I've been telling my friend, Sandi, all about you. And she wanted to say "hi" and share her story about the fabulous V3 product." Then BE SILENT and listen, learn and earn.

That's it. Your sponsor will say "hi", share their success with the product and business, validate you and move your Prospect closer to saying "yes" with the opportunity. You win - they win - it's a win-win! Do 3-ways now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Just do them and the results will $peak for them$elve$. :-)

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