Friday, March 4, 2011

Building a Strong Team!

The true "magic" of Network Marketing hit me right between the eyes when I was in Everett, Washington, back 30 years ago. I had sponsored a shy gal that I had briefly met with a small skin care direct selling company that I had been involved with, and had just started my Network Marketing career with the Cambridge Diet. I took a day, when she came to town, to train her the basics of working a home-based business with the diet. We did this casually around my kitchen table. I stressed the importance of doing weekly In-Home meetings and 3-way calls with me. She got a little excited, headed home, and started sharing the diet and business there in her "backyard". We communicated daily with 3-way calls, and she started her weekly In-Home meetings. I really hadn't noticed how many calls we were doing, because I was also busy sponsoring new people around my area, doing weekly In-home meetings, and training my new people the same way I had taught her. Nothing complicated. Simple strategies that work.

A couple of months later, my Washington gal called and asked if I'd fly up to Everett, Washington to do a hotel meeting for her. I was hesitant at first, but said, "sure." The following week I flew up to Washington, trusting that my quick trip would be productive. She and one of her friends (personally sponsored by her) picked me up at the airport, and took me to her home where I would be staying. It was only one night, so one of the twin beds in her children's room would be fine for me. A quick change of clothes and off we went to the local Holiday Inn for the first hotel meeting. (Keep in mind that I was hoping for at least 25 people to be there at that first meeting.)

I was shocked! I walked into a room filled with over 400 people - all there to hear me! Are you kidding? I thought. Where did all these people come from? I only knew and sponsored this one shy gal from Everett, WA, took a couple of hours around my kitchen table to train her the basics, doing the daily 3-way calls with her, and touching base a couple of times a week to answer questions and give her a pep talk. From that one person, she had created an explosive strong team! That's when the Network Marketing "magic" light bulb went on.

What an incredible concept this Network Marketing business was, and how many people can be touched with it - just be sponsoring one person and teaching them to do what you do! And the key for me was - to continue personally recruiting people, setting the pace for those I sponsored so that they would do as this girl had done.

Your team will do exactly what you do! Let me repeat that. Your team will do exactly what you do! If you sponsor and continue to consistently sponsor new people, adding to your team, doing the 3-way calls and In-Home meetings, your team will follow your lead and also consistently sponsor new, do the 3-way calls and In-Home meetings!

The opposite of building a strong team, is to see a distributor sponsor personally for about month or two, then kick back and try to manage their small team, often finding busy work to fill their days, vs being productive with continuing to sponsor personally, setting the pace for the team. When this individual's team sees them in what I call "management mode", their team will also kick back and do EXACTLY that same thing. And, instead of seeing an explosive, strong team developing over the years, creating large 6 figure a month bonus checks, they start losing site of why they got into this fabulous business in the first place, and will become a bit negative.

Moral of the story (post) ... be a super hero with your team. Create super hero's within your team. Set the pace. Continue sponsoring new people for 5 years, and you'll be shocked at the explosive "magic" that will happen!

Build strong. Build long. Move up the ranks with Director, then Executive, then Regional and National. Let the opportunity take you to places and heights you could never have imagined. One day soon you too will walk into a room with thousands of people, and realize that they are all a part of your team!

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