Tuesday, March 1, 2011

When Someone Cares :-)

How many seminars, meetings, trainings and conventions have we "Network Marketers" attended when the speaker quotes from the stage, Don Swartz, "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care."

Wow, I felt that special friendship and care from our Associates and team today. I was up all night with a very scratchy, sore throat (not great when you are a voice teacher), and had to spend the entire day resting, drinking every Network Marketing product I had in the refrigerator - mostly the latest and greatest "jungle juices"- crystal C packets from Costco, lots of purified water, cough drops, throat lozenger's, etc. But, it really came down to me having to take the day off and rest. Because my phone, IM, email, text messaging is non-stop since the pre-launch opening of our new Voyager company, I sent out a couple of simple messages to personally sponsored team members that they should contact Ken today for questions and 3-ways. And then the "love" and care was felt from coast to coast. I received so many Facebook messages and emails of "get well" that it warmed my heart. I needed that love with being an "empty nester", and having Ken on the road doing meetings. Knowing someone cared boosted my spirits, even though my head hasn't been able to lift off the pillow.

How important it is for us to care about the people we work with in this business. In our presentations, we need to look and listen with our hearts to discovering what is really important to our Prospects. Do they want more time with their families? Do they not like their current jobs? Do they long for recognition? Ask questions. Then ask another question about the answer they give you. The familiar sales training with presentations of F-O-R-M ... family, occupation, recreation, message ... gives us the starting point for caring, but only if we truly listen to their needs, and their answers. Get to know those you want to work with, and continue that quest with those added to your team. Help them write their "why". Then help them chunk down their goals into short term and long term goals. Be there to support these goals. They need to know you care, and that they are an important part of your team. Gather your teams together and recognize everyone - even those taking baby steps with business building. With each praised step, they are empowered, and will grow right before your eyes.

I could go on and on about how this Network Marketing business builds self esteem and confidence. And, trust me, that will be another post later on down the road. Just take the time to care as you share this golden opportunity with everyone around you. Know that what you have can make a difference with them, but more importantly, it will make you a better person because you truly cared. Again...thank you all for caring. xoxo

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