Thursday, March 10, 2011


It's facinating to see the way independent distributors try to approach people about the business. They are excited and they truly want to share their passion, but are either hesitant on what to say, or try to do a full meeting right there on the spot (overload of information), or stumble with something like this, "I couldn't help but notice that you really need to lose weight..."

Yikes! So a few years ago, I came up with an easy opener for approaching people with the business and product. I call it the ONE MINUTE MESSAGE.

This important and simple ONE MINUTE MESSAGE makes talking to anyone easy. In any situation - on the phones, in person, whether on purpose or by accident - after asking them how they are and what have they been up to lately (which is important to start a conversation) say this ...

"I'm working on an amazing project that I'm very excited about, and would love for you to take a look at. I've discovered a hot, new little diet pill that is unbelievable! It helps you feel happy, energized and absolutely slams your appetite! And everyone, including myself, is losing weight! You are going to love this. In fact, you ought to help me spread the word!"

Then all you do is share your story, give them a sample and follow up to get them enrolled in the business! Know this guys - everyone on planet earth is looking for what we've got here with V3. A simple pill to help you feel happy - especially the dieter. Dieting makes you grumpy and in a constant bad mood. Note: My kids used to warn each other when I've dieted in the past - "mom is grumpy...she's dieting...let's get out of here!"

A simple pill that gives you a boost in energy. Dieting makes you feel sluggish, tired and lacking energy. When cutting calories and changing portion sizes to lose weight, you seem to drag, and don't seem to have that get-up-and-go to do what you need to be doing - let alone go to the gym or add exercise to the mix!

A simple pill that slams the appetite. Feeling hungry all of the time, or deprived is also very common with dieting. That's why diets fail and the country is going from fat to obese overnight! We need something to suppress that appetite so that we can stick with our weight loss plans, eat less and make lifestyle changes and smart food choices.

This simple ONE MINUTE MESSAGE helps you spread the word quickly and effectively. It takes the hesitancy out of approaching anyone and everyone. It makes talking to people easy and fun. Memorize it. Practice saying it out loud. Challenge yourself daily, with seeing how many times you can give this message (along with a sample of V3). Use it. Abuse it. Let it help with creating an empire business for yourself. Let it open the doors to your success. One minute. That's all it takes. Share it now. :-)

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