Wednesday, March 2, 2011

In-Home Events Make it Happen!

I've been leaving little post hints on the how to's and why's with In-Home events, i.e. Skinny Pill Parties, meetings, team gatherings, open houses. Call them what you want, they are all basically the same thing. They are fast-paced meetings to share, sample & sponsor people into your business. Fast-paced means get them signed, sealed, delivered in 45 minutes. Don't bore and snore with these meetings. Have fun. You want people to say two things ... "I can do this." "I want to do this now!" And...keep it fun!

Four points are covered to include: Company - Product - How to Get Involved - Timing. Team-up so you have double the guests and a couple of ready-made testimonials. Keep things simple - like the chips, chocolate chip cookies and bottled water for starters. Simple with presentation.

1) The company is in pre-launch, is brand new, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, backed by a publicly-traded company.

2) The product is rock'in roll! Handles all three major challenges of the dieter - elevates the mood, boosts the energy and slams the appetite. Then have anyone that has lost weight stand up. Here's where you do a Weight-loss Count Down. Have people continue standing as you count up. Who has lost 5 pounds or more keep standing ... 10 pounds or more, etc. Then pick 3 (only) testimonials to share their success. Done.

3) Now tell everyone how to get involved ($25) and handout the flyer with the packages. Describe the benefits and encourage all to go with Professional Package (listing the outstanding benefits!)

4) Now talk TIMING. This is the most important factor. Eight year void in the marketplace. We fill that need. Buh-duh-bang Buh-duh-boom! Now...get them signed in and working on the checklist - Your First 48 Hours in the Business!

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  1. Awesome!!! I will definitely be following these steps!