Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My oldest son, Ben and his wonderful wife, Cooper, live on the East Coast - currently in State College, PA with five of my fabulous grandchildren - Adelaide, Nolan, Calvin, Jane and Oliver. When I have visited them, the younger children and "grandma" have watched a lot of Bob the Builder. It reminds me of our Network Marketing business.

I try to sponsor "builders" with this business. I don't look for people who want to "sell" the product. I want people who want to "build a business." There's a huge difference. A business builder is one who catches the big vision, sees themselves at the top of the company, has a strong "why", understands the basics and gets to work sampling and sponsoring people.

Business Builders use the tools. They don't try to reinvent the wheel, they duplicate what their leaders have are doing, then teach their team to do exactly the same thing.

They use the tools provided at the team support site. They stay plugged-in to keep their inner batteries charged. They stay focused on their task at hand and create the foundation of their team by first finding a business buddy to run with, and team up with that buddy to build their backyard first.

They work the business smart. They have their Business Binder ready for follow-up, they've started their Prospect 100 list, and they work the business everyday making sure to sample two a day and sponsor two a month. They learn the basics of the comp plan, then get to work with the Go Charts to rank advance. The charts are blueprints for them.

Be a BUILDER with this business. Retail to recruit. Strategically work the pay plan. Stay plugged-in. Be consistent. And have fun sharing this mammoth opportunity with everyone you know and meet. Think like a BUILDER and all of your goals and dreams will come true.

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