Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Fortune's In the Follow-Up

Most of us have heard the phrase, "The fortune is in the follow-up!" This is so true. When you learn to effectively follow-up with a very simple system (of course I'm going to explain how to do that with this post), you will reap the rewards that come in a big way!

If you are consistently doing this business the correct way, you will be talking to tons of people everyday - whether in person, on the phones, at meetings, in the mall, at work, at church, at your kids soccer games, cheer practice, online with Facebook...literally everywhere. And since we've all agreed that everyone needs and will love our V3 hot new diet pill, and the Voyager business opportunity (what's not to love here?), our only job, and most important job, is to make sure these individuals are exposed to what we have here, by first handing them a couple of samples, getting their business card and contact information, then plugging them into our Team's 4-Step System - hotlines, website, 3-way call, event, then efficiently following up. (Listen Saturday for details on this awesome system!)

Following up is simple and fun when you are ready to proficiently follow-up. And you must be ready, otherwise awesome Prospects will fall through the cracks. It starts with a simple Biz Binder. Look to the left (click) and you'll see what this is. You can find it at any office supply store under the name "Ready Index."

Here's your to do list:
Purchase a 3-Ring Binder, Clear Page Protectors, and the 1-31 Tickler. Then run copies of the Prospect Worksheet at our Team Burgess support site - Go to TEAM TOOLS at the site and print out the things listed under Presentation Pages. Place these pages in the front of your notebook in the purchased clear page protectors. These visuals assist you with presenting the opportunity. These are followed by your 1-31 Tickler and blank Prospect Worksheets. Run adequate copies of this worksheet. You'll need one per Prospect.

Now you are ready to make your fortune when you aggressively follow-up. Example: today is March 23. You make a contact with a friend, deliver them a V3 sample after having them listen to the recorded hotlines. You write their name and information on a Prospect Worksheet and record what you did (i.e. left sample, hotline, etc.) Then you put that Prospect Worksheet under the number 24 in the 1-31 Tickler. Tomorrow (the 24th) you will open up your Biz Binder to the #24 tab, and there are the Prospects to be contacted and follow-up with. See how simple that was?

It is simple. Use this proven system. And never leave home without your Biz Binder, samples, product to sell, and your cell phone. Gather business cards and staple each one to a Prospect Worksheet, then file it under the date you need to follow-up with that individual.

I've used this system for years. It works. Distributors are notoriously known for disorganization. They write names and numbers on napkins, paper towels, their hands or post it's. Yikes! No wonder business is not built and Prospects aren't slam dunked into the business! Get it together people :-) Keep things simple. Every person "signed, sealed, delivered" is worth that wheel barrel full of money to you ... or to someone else who actually followed-up with them and brought them into the business. Don't let that happen. Just put together that Biz Binder right now after reading this post. Make things happen, don't wonder what happened. Follow-up until you have them in the system.

P. S. - If timing isn't right for them to get involved right now ... put their Prospect Worksheet under #22 to touch base next month. When you use this system, you'll be amazed at how effectively it assists you with closing business. And, tune in Saturday for details with the full 4-Step System! For now... get that Biz Binder together and start making your fortune!

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  1. Sandi, Sounds like an excellent system. You are so right in saying the fortune is in the follow-up and if you don't have a good system you might lose one of your best prospects.

    Thanks for sharing.