Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Seize the Day!!!

Every couple of years I help write and direct a production called Lights On Broadway. We feature amazing songs that help drive home a theme, that moves the show along from start to finish. The goal is for everyone to have fun, but to bring the audience to a renewed hope, happiness and empowerment. This song, "Seize the Day!" is from one of my favorite Disney shows, Newsies, written in 1992. It's actually being revived on Broadway this year. What a great message this song delivers. (Click link above to see song performed in the movie.) Take those words and create your own personal momentum! Seize the Day!

Start today and take a moment every morning to empower yourself with good, motivational thoughts, jumping jacks and a brisk walk with up tempo music playing in your ears as you walk. Seize the Day! Seize the Voyager opportunity in a huge way. It is mammoth! Run fast. Work hard. Talk to everyone. You are here first and have this gift being handed to you on a silver platter. Someone cared enough about you to share it with you. Seize the Day!

Write new goals. Write your "why." Find a quiet place, sit down, and dig deep. Your "why" will move you forward with focus and conviction. Write your Prospect 200 list. Start with family and friends. They trust you. Gather business cards. Join groups. Meet new people. 3-way call with your sponsor. Make things happen! Use that One Minute Message, then the new 90 second commercial being released this weekend, then the hotline (949) 266-5837 and say, "now you can see why I'm so excited!" Tell them you want them to partner up and rock 'n roll right along with you with this amazing new project. Sponsor them as soon as they swallow your incredible V3 pill. Sell the dream of hope and possibility! Seize the Day! What you have, everyone wants. What you have, everyone needs. It's your blessing and privilege to have something so powerful in your life to share with others. Use the tools at, and ... Seize the Day!

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