Friday, May 27, 2011


As Network Marketing professionals, we are in a constant recruiting mode, seeking to find that golden Prospect. The Prospect who catches the vision of your opportunity, falls in love with the business, and most importantly, is coach-able. 

These "golden" Prospects look to the proven leaders for guidance and "tweaking". Then they simply follow the path and the plan that has been carved out for them to duplicate. They don't question the "system" being taught, but ask how they can do it better. They don't complain that it's not happening fast enough for them. They just work a little harder. These individuals are rare, but when found, it's an honor, blessing, and joy to behold. The key is don't stop looking until you find these individuals. They are waiting to be found.

I had such a privilege this past trip while in Michigan. I found that "golden" Prospect, turned Director. In fact, I met lots of incredible people while on the road this past week. Starting in Valdosta, GA with Executives Robin and Jerry Williams, Gretchen Gutman, and Nancy Feinberg. Then on to Grand Blanc, MI with Executives, Elaine Tomrell, Annie and Tom Arnes, and Karen Mora. Then again in Huntington, WV with Shelley Ball. All rare gifts to this industry and to Voyager Health Technologies as a start-up company. They are the foundation - the backbone to our incredible future! I love them all.

Our newest Executives are from West Bloomfield, Michigan - Scott and Judy Roberts. I didn't know these individuals before going there to do a meeting and breakfast. I had just heard from their upline Executive, Carol Levine-Gilbert, that they were awesome. I had no idea! And that's where this post begins. 

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means". - Albert Einstein

Scott and Judy Roberts are the perfect example of coach-ability. "Tell me what to do and I'll do it," is why they achieved Executive and in a matter of days from when I left their area. They duplicated everything that is necessary to succeed. From using the recorded hotline messages, the team support site, the 3-way calling, the 90-second commercial, the Biz Binder with 1-31 tickler, down to blowing up a few of the new power point presentation pages, making it into a flip chart, it was a beautiful thing. It was music to my ears, and slam dunks to my eyes (Yes, my kids are basketball players!)

Scott and Judy never questioned the system I taught. They never complained. They never asked for favors. They only asked questions that moved their business forward. They duplicated everything down to the very lingo I used. (Which can be "interesting", to say the least... "lookin' & cookin'!", "rockin' & talkin'", etc.) Pure joy! 

You all need to be coach-able. Do what we teach you to do to succeed. Use the 4-step system. Get on every call. Participate - Plug In - Promote with this business. Don't attempt to re-invent the wheel. DO TO DUPLICATE. The best athlete's, the best operatic singers, the Gold Medal winners - all have coaches to guide them, to tweak them, to help them do things more effectively and better. That's what makes someone that is "good" ... "great!" Be that person. Be coach-able!

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