Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Don't Miss the Boat!

Elaine Tomrell, Executive Director, and I were chatting last night after a day of a leadership lunch and packed meeting here in Grand Blanc, MI, about people "getting it" and running hard and fast with the business opportunity.  And how sad if people are presented this opportunity of a lifetime, and don't get it ... and "miss the boat." So we do our best to share the dream that this business offers...hope and possibility.  But, as hard as we try, some just miss the boat, and after only 90 days in business, they quit.  

"It is a most mortifying reflection for a man to consider what he has done, compared to what he might have done."~Samuel Johnson, in Boswell's Life of Johnson, 1770

I posted this quote from Samuel Johnson on Facebook today as I was reflecting what Elaine and I discussed this morning at 6am (really 3am PST). And that word "mortifying" best describes how we feel when someone is presented the Voyager opportunity and doesn't run with it. Down the road in possibly a year or two, they will realize what they missed. Lives are changed with this incredible V3 product. The stories shared from the room and on the Thursday night 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls at 9pm EST, drive home the need for what we have, and the impact it is already making in lives across this country. It is powerful!

Plug in.Work the 4-Step System. Use the hotlines. Attend the meetings and trainings.Take action and engage fully in this business. You can make a difference. Hop on. Work hard and don't miss the boat. This is just too important to both you and to those you share it with.

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