Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Ken and I just spent three great days in Las Vegas at Voyager's home office.  And although I was battling a flu bug, I feel we got a ton done for you, our fabulous Associates. Our goals?  Getting materials, support tools, the new website, hotline messages, training modules, new Associate Getting Started manual, promotions, etc. up and running so that we are all singing from the same page, the same beautiful song of Voyager at full voice in total harmony!

Just like singing in a choir, which I have directed for our church and community for years since the ripe old age of 17, everyone brings to the table something special to share. Different qualities to their voice, a different frequency of vibrato, a variance with tempo and dynamics.  But, with the right direction from the top of the team; with everyone remaining teachable, miracles can happen and the result is beautiful harmonies that make up a powerful message of hope and possibility in music to the world.  Our message?  Optimum health and wealth with Voyager Health Technologies - the next legendary company!

Singing from the same page requires memorizing your One Minute Message, using the recorded Hotlines, staying plugged in with the nightly Blitz calls, the Thursday 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls, the Saturday Success Strategies call and company scheduled events.  Singing in tune means listening to the 4 Basic trainings, putting together you Biz Binder with 1-31 Tickler, using the new Tracker Sheet to create a Prospect 200 list, then moving individual names for follow-up to a separate Prospect Worksheet.

Bringing your individualized, special harmonies to our finale number (the next billion dollar company), means learning the scripting for the In-Home and area meetings, face-to-face appointments, and telephone interactions, then adding your unique tone (story), and additional embellishments that interest you, (i.e. articles, statistics, etc.)  The make sure to share those harmonies (your success) with the weekly calls, on the website with before and after pictures and stories, and with everyone you meet.  Therein lies the empowering that comes only when you plug in, promote and participate.  And, of course when you are truly committed and involved in building your biz.

Get involved.  Stay involved.  Sing the song of Health and Wealth with Voyager Health Technologies consistently every day, and everyone wins here. Follow direction from those that are leading the way and are proven leaders. Rehearse your story. Practice on your friends and family. Use your sponsor to help share that story. Sample two a day, everyday is your warm-up mantra.  Say it.  Do it.  Sponsor new every week. Create a team. Use the 4-step system. And use your sponsor to guide you every step of the way, and fine tune your technique. The result - massive momentum that is truly music to the ears!  

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