Thursday, May 26, 2011


"Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders."  ~Tom Peters 

What a great quote! Our goal with this amazing Network Marketing business is, and always has been, to create leaders who then create leaders, who then create leaders, and so on.  I've trained from the stage for years the each of you as a leader must, "get your people making money fast." That's why field training is so important to the success of developing and growing your team. 

It's time to look over that Sponsoring 48-Hour Checklist. You'll see that the first step for a new recruit is to meet with their sponsor within 48 hours to go over that list, get their questions answered, start writing their Prospect 200 list, and create an action plan for success. This 48-Hour Checklist in reality is similar to a tradition corporate "business plan" meeting. It is a sort-of "orientation" for the new person. Meet and go over that list together. The checklist makes that meeting simple. Just follow the checklist.

The 48-Hour Checklist includes doing the first few calls with your sponsor vs have your new recruit call their contacts alone. It also includes teaming-up and doing 2-on-1 appointments together, and Launch Parties. This is what I refer to as Field Training. When you help your new recruit see success right out the gate, they start making money immediately, and realize how simple this business really is! They say, "I can do this!" Remember, the Prospect always asks two questions...1) What's in it for me? 2) Can I do this? When you field train your people, question #2 is answered. It's not "do as I say." It's "do as I'm doing." More on this Saturday morning with the Success Strategies call 7am PST (8MT, 9CT, 10EST). (213) 289-0500 code 303063#. Remember to announce yourself and let your team know you are on! Field training is key to big money! See you Saturday. xo

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