Friday, May 20, 2011


One simple pill that, in less than four months, is changing lives far beyond the marketing goal of weight loss. Everywhere I have been this week - from Valdosta, GA, Grand Blanc, MI, West Bloomfield, MI to here in Huntington, WV, I am truly thrilled, and happily baffled and amazed at the success stories I am hearing about with our little "miracle" pill V3. Associates need to be on every Thursday night 18 Minute Biz Briefing call to hear what I am hearing. From weight loss, inch loss, appetite and craving control, blood pressure and blood sugar normalization, cholesterol and depression challenges gone, energy, focus and productivity reignited, asthma symptoms and challenges repaired, and the list goes on and on and on. Our little secret weapon should no longer be a "secret!" We have what this fat, depressed, broke nation desperately needs and wants! And it is our blessing and privilege, anchored into our responsibility to share it - as quickly as we can with as many people as possible.

Hearing what I hear with our weekly calls, and now with face-to-face encounters with our customers, independent Associates and field leadership, I am more excited, renewed, committed, and invigorated to work harder, contact more people, and tell everyone I know, and want to get to know, for that matter, about V3. Yes, there are hot deals coming and going constantly in this country due to the economy challenges. Network Marketing thrives when people are financially struggling. But these so-called deals that are promising BMW's, instant downlines, guaranteed up-front monies, will never have the impact on people's lives as will our V3 product and Voyager business opportunity. Know that and work harder than you have ever worked to share V3.

Recognizing opportunity, then running hard with it will do more than just answer your financial prayers. It will make a difference in millions of lives. Why? Because the product, flat-out works. Victory over MOOD - ENERGY - APPETITE may seem trite. But the reality is, my wonderful Voyager friends, we have something very special that's time is long overdue. Know that. Stay focused. Share from your heart and let's kick butt with this off-the-charts product and breakthrough compensation plan. Do what you've got to do to immediately make Director, then Executive, then go ballistic with your business building. Make a difference with this one simple little pill. And with the outstanding leadership of our core Executive team of Nancy Feinberg, Elaine Tomrell, Robin and Jerry Williams, Gretchen Gutman, Karen Mora, Annie and Tom Arnes, Dody Connor, Cynthia and Marc Miller, Al and Gayle Cashman, Billy and Eltha Banks, Catharine Elliott, Heidi and Eddie Metcalf, Shelly Ball, Carol Levine-Gilbert, Jeff and Danette Bourgeois, Sherry Holmen, Marty Weeks, Doug and Denise Hulse...we can take this country by storm and truly make a crucial impact with this One Simple Little Pill!

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