Monday, May 23, 2011


I loved being on the road meeting face-to-face with the key leaders of Voyager in Valdosta, GA, Grand Blanc, MI, West Bloomfield, MI and Huntington, WV. Loved seeing these teams teaming up and celebrating the Voyager opportunity! I loved hearing the success stories with the product. They were trained with the Fast Track training, held Biz Brunches,  group Biz Briefing meetings, and individual meetings. It was awesome.

Associates need to feel that team spirit. They need to be gathered together and given vision and direction. Too many Network Marketers enroll and escape. Yikes! You must sponsor and meet. Meetings do two important things - RESELL the DREAM to the EXISTING TEAM (people lose their vision too quickly), and SELL the DREAM to NEW PEOPLE. Leaders need to stay plugged in and pumped. Then share everything with their teams with calls, email updates, telephone calls, and gatherings. Once a month gather the entire area together and recognize your teams efforts and do the new Power Point presentation that I just uploaded to Once a month gather your team and hold a FAST TRACK training using the power point I uploaded, as well. The rest of the week, team up and do Launch meetings for newbies, In-Home presentations, face-to-face, individually or with your sponsor, invite and 3-way new people to the nightly BLITZ calls and never miss the Thursday night 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls at 6pm PST. Calls are always (213) 289-0500 code 303063#. 

Use the Saturday Success Strategies call at 7am PST (10EST) to again gather your team at a home or snuggly location (comfortable), have them bring their Biz Binders to assemble, contact lists, and speaker-phone the training into your gathering. Afterward - sizzle about what is taught, then make a plan of attack to slam your area! Use and abuse these incredible tools and training to make money fast. Strategies taught are proven and very valuable to you and your team. Do to duplicate!

Team Up guys! Don't work alone. It was once said that Team Work divides the task and multiplies the success. When an area is cookin' together, you will see yourself become magnetic. You will begin to attract others to take a look, take a sample, take a spot with your team. Be magnetic. Do what ya gotta do to make things happen around you. Set the pace. Sample two a day, everyday. Sponsor someone new every week. Shake the bushes. Share the dream. Don't work alone. Be an important part of the team. Team Up, create excitement, have fun, and Boogie!!!

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