Sunday, May 29, 2011


Saturdays Success Strategies call on 5/28/11 included a training on how to officially "Launch Your Business." I stressed the importance of taking your Voyager business seriously, and suggested various ways of letting the world know that you are officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Knowing you have the hottest natural diet pill to ever enter the marketplace - far superior to earlier diet pills banned eight years ago, will help to inspire your creative juices into figuring out fun ways to spread the word.

It's time to treat your business like the serious business that it is. You have a life-enhancing product with V3 that brightens the mood, boosts the energy, and completely slams the appetite - putting you in total control. Talk about supply and demand! It just doesn't get any easier, more fun, or more exciting than this. You have what America wants and needs, so let them know you have it. Launch your business!

Our country desperately needs V3! If you don't know what you have your hands on with this product you need to read the testimonials and stories archived at, and listen in every Thursday night to the live 18 Minute Biz Briefing call at 6pm PST - (213) 289-0500 code 303063#. These incredible calls are jam-packed with amazing testimonials that share success with weight loss, inch loss, cravings gone, portion control finally possible, to serious health challenges being a thing of the past! Truly phenomenal stories that will motivate you to take action - to step up and talk to everyone you know about V3, leaving no rock unturned. This little natural pill will change the direction the world is going right now with regards to the weight challenges we are seeing nationwide. Timing couldn't be more perfect for V3. Obesity has doubled from 2009 to 2010, depression is on the rise, unemployment is increasing, and the need for this product, along with a way to make extra money, is why taking you business seriously is so important. With Voyager, you have both the product and the program to change lives and lifestyles in a very positive way!

As a country we are fat, depressed and broke. It is our blessing, privilege and opportunity to change all of that. We have a very simple product and process, and a step-by-step system to follow. From recorded hotlines (949) 266-5837, to a team support site, to nightly blitz calls with key Executive leaders, to weekly training calls. These systems make it easy to succeed and to make money - right from home - at the same time that you are making a huge difference with people you care about.

So, get serious about your Voyager business. Treat this like any other professional would treat the opening of a new business in your area. Take note on how they open their doors. And officially launch yourself with flyers, mailers, email announcements, text messaging, small paper ads, phone calling campaigns, Super Saturdays with other team members in the area, In-Home Pill Parties, Guerrilla Marketing tactics, Wednesday Walk-abouts where you gather business cards and hand out samples, Open Houses, Biz Brunches, Executive Luncheons ---  you name it! Buddy-up, team-up and run fast. Hang out your shingle (so to speak), have a blast, and let everyone know that you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!!

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