Saturday, May 7, 2011

You're Fired or Fire Up!

We've all heard "fire yourself and re-hire," with Network Marketers.  I really don't think you can do anything wrong in this business.  You can do things better, with more energy and commitment. But, as long as you are talking to two a day, everyday, sampling the V3 - you'll stumble across someone that catches fire and runs with the business. It's a numbers

Take a good look at your team. Ask yourself if anyone there is excited and doing what it takes to succeed?  You know, the 3-way calls, holding face-to-face appointments, in-home meetings, and sampling two a day, and sponsoring and building a team? If not, then "fire" your group and get a new one! :-) It's really that simple. Trust me, after trying to resuscitate my dead distributors over the years, I have learned to always work with those that work.  If someone talks a good story, but doesn't sponsor and build a team, I definitely keep them in the loop with emails, but I really don't focus there. I work with those that are working the business. Then I sponsor new. It's about having 20/20 vision is key. That means to sponsor 20, work with them, then anchor deep. Then sponsor 20 more, work with them, and anchor deep. Then sponsor 20 more and do the same. Then sponsor 20 more and anchor deep. Anchoring is to help those working sponsor and build the business. From each spurt of 20 sponsored, you will find 3-4 builders, lots of consumers, and of course, a number of no-shows. That's normal. A numbers game that when built consistently plays in your favor.

You can pretty much tell what has gone on during the day with my posts. When people have told me that they emailed someone and haven't heard back, I write about "Pick Up the Phone!"  :-) I bet you can tell what I just had happen today, right? Someone was complaining that no one was doing anything from their team. Ok ... get a new team. First - buddy up.  (Remember that post with pictures of my two sons, Chris and David?) Find someone with your commitment, your energy, your drive, your determination to build an empire with Voyager. Then buddy-up and run together fast. Sizzle, strategize, and build the team huge!

I think you've got the message. Team doing squat? Get a new team. You can make excuses or you can make money. Who said that? Oh yeah..A top Networking friend. Funny - but so true. All of us are buried-busy.We are often so wrapped up with making a living that we don't create a lifestyle. I choose to create a lifestyle.  So, even when I'm dead tired, I do that 3-way call, answer email questions, write  fun blogs, and still look to sponsor another new team members. Even when 7am feels like the middle of the night on Saturday mornings, I get up (shake off morning voice) to share what's in my head after 40 years in Network Marketing with my incredible team! Even when demands of family, church, music pull be to the limit, I get on the phones and book appointments. Two a day, everyday. Why?  because I love this business, love the freedom of working in my pj's, love my team, love my great leaders, love V3, love the comp plan, love the, love, love. That's it, my friends. Fall in love with what you're doing. Get fired up, sponsor new, then duplicate that passion over and over again. Then, of course, plug everyone right in with the systems laid out at our team support site!

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