Friday, May 6, 2011


In all of my years of training people how to successfully run a biz from home, I have always stressed the importance of picking up the phone and talking personally to people.  And to always answer the phone when people call. And to always return calls promptly.  My trainings even encouraged people, in a joking sort of way, to paint their telephones gold as a visual to making money.  Of course, no one has ever painted their telephones gold (that I know of), but the message is congruent in all of my trainings.  Pick up the phone and call people.

The phone pictured here is awesome because it's gold, and because I love the styling.  But any phone will do when you use it.  All of the wonderful high tech tools simplify building our Voyager business, and I will continue getting up to speed on every tool known to man for that purpose.  However, I build on the telephone.  This incredible people-to-people marketing business has to have that personal interaction with people talking to people. You can not effectively communicate your message through an email, text, or mailer.  If you want someone in the business with you ... pick up the phone and call them.  Even if you get their voice mail, call them.  Leave a simple message that says that you have an exciting new project that you want them to take a look at.  Then ask them to call you back as soon as possible and leave your telephone number, then repeat your number.  Don't overload with information.  Save that for the conversation and presentation.  Just get them to call you back.  If I know someone, have worked with them, and am certain that they will love this V3 product, my messages start to build momentum.  That means I add a sneak peak at what I've got.  If I've called more than 5x's leaving a message, then I may even sing. (no kidding!)  I just want them to call me back.

If you fear rejection ... let it go.  Pump yourself up, smile in the mirror on your desk, listen to great music, walk around the room as you talk ... whatever it takes.  You need to talk directly to your Prospects, customers, and downline team members.  You build relationships on the phone.  You build trust.  Your energy, passion, commitment and excitement can never come through with texting and emailing - no matter how many exclamation marks you leave at the end of the sentence!!!!! :=)  Use the Telephone Talk bullet sheet to keep you on track with your conversations.  Book the appointment to meet face to face.  Team up and Boiler Room your Prospecting on the phones (more on that Saturday morning with guerrilla marketing trianing).  Just ... here we go ... PICK UP THE TELEPHONE and make things happen in a huge way!

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