Friday, May 13, 2011

Doing the Basics to Build Your Biz!

‎"For an athlete to function properly, he must be intent. There has to be a definite purpose and goal if you are to progress. If you are not intent about what you are doing, you aren't able to resist the temptation to do something else that might be more fun at the moment." - John Wooden

With my Facebook posts, you'll find me quoting coach John Wooden a great deal. Truly a man I admire. He was not only a winning basketball coach, but a great motivator and human being with strong core and family values. Somewhere in the boxes in the garage is a picture of him with my son, Chris, after he awarded Chris with John Wooden award. He always taught the importance of hard work and doing the "basics" - dribbling, passing, practicing, etc. He wasn't a fan of fancy maneuvering on the court - nor the slam dunk. He taught the basics and was heard saying "the basics win basketball games." Let's apply John's wisdom with building our Voyager business. If you do the basics of business building consistently - that means daily, I promise that you will be successful and "win" with Voyager as your vehicle to financial freedom, 

In the quote at the opening of this post, John stresses a player must be intent, having their goals well defined, then doing those things that get them closer to achieving those goals. That is such great advise for all of us. Your goals must be crystal clear, then your daily activities must be on point with achieving those goals. What are your activities? The basics. Create your Prospect 200 list, use the Tracker and Prospect Worksheets. Sample two a day, everyday. Use the One Minute Message, the hotlines, the 3-way call, the events to anchor in your weekly and daily sponsoring. The event means nightly Blitz Calls, Thursday 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls, In-Home meetings, parties, and area gatherings. Events give vision and validation to your prospecting. The 4-Step System simplifies everything you do with recruiting.

As John Wooden says with his quote, if you are intent on what you are doing, nothing can distract you. You will achieve your goals by just staying focused, excited and plugged in. Do the basics. Do to duplicate. Use the fun Diet Dollars, Plaster Plan "stuff" to shake the bushes, then focus those activities into doing the basics to build your biz, and have fun. Having a simple rock 'n roll diet pill, great comp plan and perfect timing, really makes this easy. Just keep your "intent" first and foremost in your mind, then do the basics consistently to see all of your goals and dreams come true. Begin doing the basics today!

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