Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Get plugged in. Stay plugged in. Get your teams plugged in. Keep your teams plugged in. If you or your team aren't plugged in, guess what? You'll lose your dream, and your team will die. Bottom-line - the team support site, the recorded hotlines, the Monday 7am PST morning Core Leadership calls for Executives, Regionals and Nationals, the weekly 18 Minute Biz Briefing calls, the Saturday  morning Advanced Training calls 7am PST, the email blasts, the Biz Blogs, the monthly corporate update call first Monday of every month ... keep you "wired to win!" Get plugged in.

We look at the teams that are cookin'. The majority of that team is plugged in. We can look at who gets on the calls, who is on Facebook, following us on Twitter, are also the same teams that are calling for 3-way Validation calls, Team Welcome calls, and are fully engaged in business building. Get serious about Voyager. We have a fun product that is solving serious problems. We are a fat, depressed, broke nation. We need Voyager and V3. The country needs Voyager and V3. In order to share it - plug in, use the tools, follow the 4-step system, talk to more people, sponsor more people, step up and be the leader, and PLUG IN.

Get people signed into Check daily for updates. This is your team support site. The "stuff" uploaded there comes from 40 years of success in Network Marketing. These tools and systems work. They simplify success for you and your team. Use them. Plug in. Get on those calls. The calls are first and foremost to 1) re-sell the dream to the existing team. That means to plug in to stay motivated!  2) sell the dream to new people. Just GET PLUGGED IN - STAY PLUGGED IN - PLUG YOUR TEAMS IN. Gather your teams on Saturday around a speakerphone and listen to those advanced SUCCESS STRATEGIES trainings - then SIZZLE afterwards on how to implement what you've just listened to together. Use the nightly BLITZ calls with sponsoring and sampling new people. During BLITZ months these calls are nightly at 4:30pm PST. Again, and finally ... GET PLUGGED IN TO WIN!!!

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