Tuesday, June 28, 2011


"The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes."  ~Benjamin Disraeli

I have always loved this quote. In all of the manuals I've written over the past forty years in Network Marketing, I have included it. People don't run hard and fast enough when an opportunity presents itself, or realize how big it is, like the Voyager opportunity. There's been a near 8 year void in the marketplace since the ban of ephedra - a simple diet pill that was doing over $2 billion a year! A void that has had nothing that worked available to people. Suddenly here it is with the fabulous V3 "happy, skinny" pill. And we can be the ones at the very top that grabs that diet market and fills that void, more effectively, with a product that is more exciting and safer!  And on top of that, we have a comp plan that is paying huge checks right out the gate, vs paying reasonable checks 5 years down the road! (Been there, done that.) Do you really recognize what you've got your hands on with Voyager and the V3 product? Do you realize how big this is and what it can do for you? Those of you who do, and run at working it hard and fast, will have your lives and lifestyles changed in a huge, dramatic way!

It's about lifestyle with this business. Freedom to work when you want, where you want and with whom you choose. Freedom to work from home and not fight traffic. Freedom to make unlimited income. The harder you work, the more people you share V3 and the opportunity with, the more money you'll make. Reality check ... people working a J>O>B (just over broke) are having to deal with bosses that don't appreciate them, make incomes that don't reflect their hard work and dedication, and dealing with coworkers that may cause them grief. Having to work for someone else, punching a time card, and not getting paid your worth? Not for me, thank you very much. And not for you!

Do what you gotta do to work the pay plan. Say less to more people. Get face-to-face with people everyday and sample, sell, sponsor, support. You have a fantastic off-the-charts V3 little diet pill that is simple to talk about, simple to use, simple to share. So ... share it!  Give it away. Be bullet proof when talking to people. Use the tools - the commercial, the www.burgessbiz.com team support site, the nightly BLITZ calls at 4:30pm pacific, the Thursday Biz Briefing calls packed with testimonials. Memorize your One Minute Message, read the weekly blogs, run a copy of the power point and let them be your presentation pages in your Biz Binder. Blow up those pages and turn it into a flipchart. Just get out there, get in front of people, motivate yourself, and make things happen!

Sherry Holmen, Marty Weeks
Grab this opportunity, team. Run hard. Run fast. Take advantage of the summer parties, barbecues, church functions, social media, Facebook friend shipping, people-to-people interactions where you can ask, "so what are you up to this summer?" They respond, then ask you what you are up to. You say "I'm having fun, losing a little weight and making some extra money." That brings questions. You hand them a sample, then "go into your dance!" (That's a fun performing phrase that tells you to share your business opportunity - full presentation with flip chart - of Voyager.)

Get out from behind that computer. Go meet people, gather cards. Get "lookin', bookin', cookin'", as Sherry Holmen and Marty Weeks, Executives, say. Make huge things happen! Don't wonder what is happening, or what happened? Be the key person - the leader - to make things happen!  Organize the area. Meet with your team. Strategize and Sizzle with your team. Skype upline in. Speakerphone upline into home meetings and presentations. You have the opportunity. Now...get out there and kick some b-u-t-t!!!

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