Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Team Up!

Nancy Feinberg, Robin Williams (Valdosta, GA) and Sandi Burgess
Watching the Tony's two nights ago, and my favorite Broadway singer, Sutton Foster as she sang "Anything Goes" (huge tap number),the song "Friendship" kept coming to mind from that fun show by Cole Porter. (FYI - Sutton won best female performer in a Broadway musical!)  Friendships are very important, aren't they? And the friendships we make in this business last forever. In fact, the first people we called to jump on board with Voyager were our former Networking friends, (i.e. Nancy Feinberg, Elaine Tomrell, Marc and Cynthia Miller, Gail and Al Cashman, Billy Banks, Carol Levine-Gilbert, Shelley Ball, etc.)

The people you involve with you on your V-team (Voyager Peeps!), and those that are attracted to Network Marketing are usually goal-oriented, friendly people who are willing to work at this business in the nooks and crannies of their days - even when holding down a family and/or full-time job. They want more from life than just working a J-O-B (just over broke), and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at this business. They are great people to know and be around. They are positive, productive people, and they love networking, and have a special zest for life. They want what you do, and have the vision and commitment to see it through. They always add to that needed rah-rah team spirit that grows your area quickly and creates momentum.

Creating that important area team spirit starts with: a) finding a biz buddy in your area to work with, b) building a team - starting in your own backyard. That's why in-home meetings, gatherings and parties are so necessary to biz building at the grassroots. It's not "who you know" in this biz, it's "who can they lead you to?" or, in some cases, "who they leave behind for you to work with." So, assignment #1 - find your buddy, then #2 - start building together by teaming-up and pounding the pavement, meeting 2-on-1 with Prospects, holding In-Home Biz Briefings, Biz Brunches and Lunches, Pill Parties and together create synergy, excitement and area momentum!

Don't work this business alone. No man is an island, especially in Network Marketing. Don't try re-inventing the wheel. Buddy-up, partner-up, team-up and make things fun and magnetic. When people see what your doing is fun and simple, has a high-demand (V3), and they can see themselves doing the same thing, they simply have to be a part of the action. They do  not want to miss out! Empower each other. Do a morning report to each other. Sizzle and strategize together. Motivate each other. Keep each other on track with building your Voyager biz. Look through the papers to see where trade shows, fairs, events are taking place. (I will teach Summer Sizzle Strategies at Saturday morning this week!) Join clubs and networking groups, gym, spas together, and really get out there and do "walkabouts" together to find new people. Make things happen...together. Don't work alone, guys. It's far more effective and F-U-N to TEAM-UP!

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